Premium steel slab Exporting Countries

Iran is the largest Premium steel slab Exporting Countrie, which in this regard has been able to help the economic prosperity of the country.It is one of the most widely used types of steel sheets, which generally has a flatter surface than steel, iron or any other metal. This metal is obtained from hot rolling of steel metal and is produced in the form of rolls and coils in factories. One of the most important advantages of using steel sheets is the different types of these sheets that can be prepared according to the conditions of use, a special type of it.

Premium steel slab Exporting Countries

Reasons for popularity of Premium steel slab

Reasons for popularity of Premium steel slab As you know, the slab market in the world is a bit limited and about 2 million tons of slabs are traded annually. In our country, Hormozgan steel plant is known for the production of slabs, which regularly exports this product to Southeast Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, and India, but according to published statistics, the export of Iranian slabs even to European countries. And Brazil is done. In addition, according to the statistics received, the export of slabs has increased about 40 times this year, which has surprised everyone. If we want to explain the characteristics of slabs, we can say that this product is one of the steel products that are produced in semi-finished form (intermediate rolled steel products), which can be turned into the final product. It must be processed in one or more other steps. Also, regarding the differences between this product and billets, ingots and bloom, it should be said that slabs differ from these products only in dimensions and cross-sectional area. This product, which is also known as slabs and strips in Iran, has a cross-sectional area that, unlike bloom and billet, is not square in shape but rectangular in shape, and its thickness usually reaches 230 mm. In addition, the slab has a width of 1.25 meters and a length of 12 meters. This product is also used in the manufacture of steel sheets, plates and

Slabs are also one of the intermediate products used by some steel mills, which are used to produce sheets. As mentioned before, Khuzestan Steel is one of the largest producers of slabs or slabs in our country, which annually produces about 2.2 million tons of bloom and billet and equivalent to 1.3 million tons of this product. The only small problem with the slab is that it is very difficult to cut because it is about 25 cm thick.

Therefore, machines with special facilities should be used to cut this product. It should also be noted that billets and slabs are the brand of 22 steel products that are used in the manufacture of various types of sections and steel products. Also, the great importance and application of this product in various industries has led to the observance of international standards in the production of this product from year 1 until now, and that is why by increasing the quality of slabs, this product has its market abroad. It has also been found in the country..

Exporting Countries of Premium steel slab

Exporting Countries of Premium steel slab This product is exported to various European and Asian countries, and its export greatly contributes to the country’s economic prosperity. According to trade statistics of 62 countries exporting steel products, the total export capacity of these products in 2016 was equal to 451.9 million tons, with hot rolled sheet with 82.5 million tons having the highest export capacity, followed by ingots and related products 51.1 Million tons and then hot rolled rebar with 40.6 million tons are on top of export products.

According to studies by the World Steel Association, China ranked first in steel exports with 108 million tons of exports and 94 million tons of net exports, followed by Japan and Russia with positive averages of 34.5 and 26.9 million tons. With a total export of 5.7 million tons per year, Iran has become the twentieth largest exporter of steel and is ranked 14th with a net export of one million. The United States is the largest importer of steel, importing an average of 21.7 million tons of steel in 2016, followed by Vietnam and Thailand with 17 and 16 million tons, respectively.

A total of 28 EU member states imported 40.4 million tonnes of steel in 2016, while the average export in this area was only 10.5 million tonnes. Interestingly, among the top 10 producing countries, only four countries, including China, India, Turkey and Ukraine, have seen an increase in production compared to 2015. With a production of 17.9 million tons of steel, Iran has grown 11.2 percent compared to the previous year and is still the 14th largest producer in the world. steel slab standard size و stainless steel slab It is done with high quality and reasonable price all over the country.

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