Premium black steel sheet Exporting Countries

Premium black steel sheet Exporting Countries, including Iran, market this product at a good and reasonable price, and our collection also exports this product to other countries, which also has a high quality. Therefore, for more information on how to export this product, you can visit our site.

Premium black steel sheet Exporting Countries

Unique Characteristics of Premium black steel sheet

Unique Characteristics of Premium black steel sheet The price of the black sheet is lower than the fat sheet. In general, it can be said that the reason for the lower price of black sheet compared to oil sheet is its low quality. In addition, hot rolling is cheaper than cold rolling. In the cold rolling process, a process is done to protect the sheet from rust. The layer is acid washed and finally oiled. However, in hot rolling, the raw materials are brought to their melting point and shaped by moving them by means of rollers. Iron ore billets and pellets are used to produce black plates.

It is melted and melted in electric arc furnaces during the heating process. The molten steel is then converted into plates and cooled. The sheet produced is then placed in an oven with a temperature of about 1200 degrees. After the sheet is removed from the furnace, an oxide crust forms on its surface. Scaling is done with water pressure to remove this oxide shell. After the scaling process, it is the rough rolling stage. In the rough rolling stage, the steel produced is rolled several times to find the desired thickness.

At this stage, the thickness of the slab is reduced by 15 to 30%. After the rough rolling is finished, the turn comes to the final rolling stage. After the last rolling step, the sheet is cooled under controlled conditions. At this stage, the temperature of the layer drops from 850 degrees to about 580 degrees. After the cooling phase, the sheet coils and temperature are reduced and made ready for delivery. Sheets produced in thin thickness, more easily shaped, are supplied in rolls; However, thick sheets are cut into sheets of the desired size due to their rigid shape. ST37 mild steel and ST52 mild steel are widely used due to their low weight, strength and high quality.

These sheets are cut to the size desired by the consumer using a guillotine cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, air cutter or CNC machine. The black plate produced in this way is called cut black plate. Due to the possibility of changing the dimensions of the cut black sheet, this type of sheet has a wide variety of applications. The sharp black slab is mostly used in construction (for example, to connect beams and reinforcement, beams, bridges, etc.). For more information about black steel sheet price visit our site.

Exporting Countries for Premium black steel sheet

Exporting Countries for Premium black steel sheet Iran is one of the Exporting Countries for Premium black steel sheet and distributes this product all over the country at a good price. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about black metal sheet cut to size.

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