platts scrap steel prices

The index of platts scrap steel prices was announced declines on January 8, 2019 for Class (20-80) hms 1 2 steel scrap and (25-75) hms 1 2 steel scrap prices turkey cfr and for a3 steel scrap.

The survey of the platts scrap steel prices, due to its widespread use in steelmaking, is being surveyed daily by industry activists. As you know, about 30 to 100 percent of the initial charge of electric furnace and arc furnaces in the steel chain is scrap iron. Therefore, the rate and mode of fluctuation of the global scrap steel price for steelmakers is very important.

Steel scrap hms 1 2 prices

Scrap iron is classified according to various parameters in terms of different qualities. Among the categories of steel scrap on the world market, we can say the following:

  • Hms 1 2 steel scrap (20-80)
  • Hms 1 2 steel scrap (25-75)
  • A3 steel scrap
  • Shredded steel scrap isri 210-211
  • Shredded steel scrap isri 211

Of course, the scrap steel category in the Iranian market is as follows:

  • Super special grade scrap Iron
  • Special scrap Iron
  • Scrap iron of first grade, 2 and …

Or based on the scrap iron density, is thus classified:

  • Heavy steel scrap
  • Steel scrap with medium density
  • Light iron scrap

There are other categories we have introduced and examined in detail in previous articles.

Price of scrap steel per ton today

The table below shows the index of platts scrap steel prices for January 8, 2019:

Changes and fluctuations Price (USD/Ton) Steel srape
+1.00 280 $/ton – CFR Turkey Hms 1 2 steel scrap (20-80)
+2.00 272 $/ton – CFR Turkey Hms 1 2 steel scrap (25-75)
-4.00 265 $/ton – CFR Turkey A3 steel scrap
-10.00 265 $/ton – CFR Taiwan Hms 1 2 steel scrap (20-80)
0.00 313.5$/ton – CFR East Asia Hms 1 2 steel scrap (20-80)
-3.00 325 $/ton – CFR India Shredded steel scrap
-25.00 265 $/ton – American domestic market Hms 1 2 steel scrap (20-80)
-25.00 265 $/ton – American domestic market Shredded steel scrap

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