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platts iron ore price today

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Tangshan steel billet priceIron ore price todaySimurgh iron & steel company
platts iron ore price today

The Platts iron ore price today for January 7, 2019 showed an increase of about 0.56% to $ 73.51. The average fluctuation of prices since November 26, 2018 is an increase after a fall in the period from November 24 to 26, 2018.

The price of iron ore on the podcast site today is showing an increase. According to experts, this increase is due to a 14.5% decrease in bank deposits with the Central Bank.

Tangshan steel billet price

In fact, a drop in banks’ deposits in the central bank has triggered a housing market. Which will increase the need for steel sections. Tangshan steel billet price trend on the current day along with an increase of about 1.8 dollars. The price announced for Tangshan steel billet price today is about $ 490.5.

Iron ore price today

As you can see from the explanation above, the price of iron ore depending on market conditions may fluctuate. Obviously, market conditions that affect supply and demand affect the price of iron ore today. One can mention the construction boom and the subsequent increase in steel purchases. Or the decline in demand for iron ore buy may occur as production declines.

Reduced steel production, in addition to the demand for steel by the market, can be attributed to other factors. For example, in China, which is one of the major countries in iron ore import, the rules on the entry of air pollutants also affect production. The exacerbation of the rules will lead to a reduction in production and thus a reduction in the amount of iron ore buy. As a result, we will see a drop in iron ore prices in china’s ports.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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