Mill scale export business in 2021

Mill scale is sold to produce iron briquettes. The important point is that when buying Mill scale for different uses, the quality should be selected according to the type of use. For example, in the purchase of Mill scale for the production of briquettes, more attention is paid to the percentage of soft metal iron.

Mill scale export business in 2021

What is meant by mill scale?

What is meant by mill scale? In mill scale , two issues are very important. The first is the analysis and percentage of iron metal in the product. Briquette factories require mill scale with high metallization percentage.

Of course, we want to make a point about the production and sale of sponge iron briquettes. Direct sponge iron briquettes are used in smelting furnaces equipped with induction furnaces and electric arcs to produce steel.

Iron briquette, which is suitable for induction furnaces, briquettes with a high percentage of metallization, while in arc furnaces, this parameter, ie the percentage of iron metal, is less sensitive.

Therefore, in the production of iron briquettes for induction furnaces, it is necessary to use sponge iron with high metallization. The second issue that is considered and important in buying and selling mill scale is the price of mill scale.

Therefore, there is a constant need for this product by factories. Certainly, achieving a soft price of sponge iron will control the production costs and supply of the product at a more reasonable price. mill scale uses in many industries.

Export business of mill scale

Export business of mill scale Mill scale is one of the best in its field and is highly purchased by owners of various industries. There are a number of general guidelines for choosing and buying a mill scale; The most important thing to always pay attention to; Mill scale and its purity percentage; Its production method is also important.

Mill scale is typically produced using natural gas, thermal coal, or by direct reduction of Midrex; The choice of any of these methods is based on the type of rock extracted or the use of sponge iron.

Of course, when buying a mill scale, you have to do what it is supposed to do; To be used with it; He paid attention and made his choice based on it. mill scale composition is determined according to its type. Online trading of mill scale scales at reasonable prices has provided the ground for a profitable business.

For the well-being of customers and providing the ground for online commerce, a company launches online sites in order to provide easy shopping conditions for consumers. Today, online sales are extremely popular because of their unique benefits. You can contact us and ask your question about this product.

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