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World steel billet prices fluctuated this week (second week of March 2019). The price steel billet turkey fob for March 15, is about 470 to 480 dollars per tonne, up 4.3%. But mild steel billets manufacturers in gujarat-india saw a drop in prices on their export markets.

MS ingot manufacturer in gujarat

The international price of steel billets has grown steadily over the last six weeks and is currently priced at more than $ 470 per tonne in the global marketplace. Of course, on March 15, 2019, mild steel billets manufacturers in gujarat-india saw a fall in prices of -2.16 percent to reach $ 455-455. This is despite unlike ms ingot manufacturer in gujarat the fact that in most parts of the world, during this period of time, we saw an increase in the price of steel billets.

At the same time as the Steel Billet, the price of steel slabs and other products such as rebar has been uptrend. Fortunately, we also had a price jump on the steel billet price in iran and also price of steel slabs iran.

Steel billets manufacturers in iran

Steel billets manufacturers in Iran have seen rising prices. In the global price index, this week steel billet price iran grew by 1.3%, at $ 395 to $ 405 per tonne. Iran steel export slabs has also been upgraded by a significant weekly growth of 8.1% at $ 360 to $ 400 a tonne for March 15, 2019. steel billet price south east asia also experienced a significant growth of $ 475 per ton during this period. Steel billet price china is up by 0.6% in the range of 3,500 yuan.

Steel billets manufacturers in iran

Of course, fluctuations in the price of mineral products in the steel sector over the past six weeks have been higher than the fluctuations in steel prices. In total, Brazil’s Vale Corporation has pushed for a price hike in the steel industry and has pushed down prices for both mineral products and steel products at a new level.

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