metal bulletin iron ore – current price

Metal Bulletin iron ore as one of the indicators of the international price of iron ore, iron ore, pellets, sponge iron, steel, and other upstream products that rely on Iranian companies and businessmen to it.

Metal Bulletin publications

Metal Bulletin is an international magazine that analyzes day prices and global market conditions. The impact of the world market conditions on the price level of products can provide an appropriate relative price prediction that, in many cases, is the criterion of performance not only for traders but also for manufacturing companies.

Metal Bulletin Representation in Iran

The Metal Bulletin organizes major international conferences in the iron and steel industry. The presence of the Metal Bulletin representative in Iran and the holding of an international conference could provide more opportunities for more effective participation in the global markets for the iron and steel industry in Iran.

Metal bulletin prices

The metal bulletin price, as we pointed out at the beginning of the article, is a pricing indicator that can also be quoted in trades. The other internationally acclaimed international trademark, which refers to the purchase of iron ore, is the platts site. In fact, the price of iron ore in contracts is referred to the price of the platts or metal bulletin date.

Metal Bulletin site

The Metal Bulletin site analyzes the latest developments in the mining industry and mineral products and makes it available to members and publishers. The price of iron ore in the latest edition of the Metal Bulletin, July 16, 2019, is below.

Metal Bulletin site

As you can see, for July 15, 2019 iron ore price 62% crossed the $ 120 border with a fluctuation of 2.56% and now stands at $ 121.4 per tonne for delivery of CFRs to mainland China’s ports.

The trend in iron ore prices in the international market has been accelerating in 2019. The upshot of these price jumps has been the drop in supply from the world’s largest iron ore producers, including Vale, Brazil, Rio Tinto and BHP Australia. The latest Metal Bulletin news magazine is available in the news section of the official site of the Simorgh Industrial and Mineral Complex in Azerbaijan.

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