metal bulletin iron ore conference 2019

The metal bulletin iron ore conference 2019 (Metal Market Magazine | April 2019) for April 2019 includes various topics, including the introduction of the latest direct reduction workshops (sponge iron production) in the world and the expansion of production units, the growing trend of iron scrap prices, the discussion of new steel production technologies, the market situation for metals and ….

Metal bulletin iron ore index

Metal bulletin monthly magazine of 68 pages was developed in April 2019. This publication deals with the following topics in total:

  • Market situation of the base metals, steel and raw materials of iron
  • Recent developments in steel industry
  • New technology for the production of steel and metals
  • Non-Ferrous Metal News: Summary of Recent Key Developments in the International Non-Ferrous Industries
  • Provides a new method of industrial sludge processing and metal powder by Filipe Costa
  • Changing the pattern of international non-ferrous waste trade due to uncertainty in the commercial space of this area.
  • The introduction of the latest direct reduction workshops (sponge iron production) and the expansion of production units. The forecast for sponge iron production in the world is expected to reach 100
  • million tons in 2020.
  • The forecast for the price of iron scrap prices
  • Take a look at the Indian market
  • And some other things ….

Metal bulletin iron ore prices

In addition to publishing the monthly and forecasting of the metal industry developments for the month ahead, and looking at the latest developments in the world, the Metal Bulletin presses the daily publication of the magazine and examines the prices for mining and mineral products on a daily basis. The most recent magazine published today is April 17, 2019, which describes the trend of fluctuations and price ranges for iron ore, iron concentrate and iron pellets:

  • Iron ore 62 fe cfr china price with a rise of 1.64% at $ 94.61.
  • Iron ore pellets price china is priced at $ 126.13 at the latest pricing.
  • Also, the last iron ore concentrate price of Qingdao cfr is $ 104.12 for a purity of 66%.


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