magnetite iron ore price fob iran

Magnetite iron ore price fob iran is determined depending on the iron purity, the size, the percentage of impurities that are reported in the analysis sheet. You can see the sample of iron ore samples listed below. Iron ore prices are also announced today for January 23, 2019.

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As we have said, the magnetite iron ore price fob is totally dependent on the chemical composition. Which indicates the percentage of purity of iron is also the percentage of impurities. The iron purity range in magnetite iron ore is often in the range of 52 to 62 percent. In the analysis of iron ore, it is often found on two parameters that have fe percentage and FeO percentage, mineral content and purity of the product. Percentage of impurities and grain size of the stone is individually defined and are declared in the certificate.

You can see a sample of an analysis sheet and photo of a magnetite iron ore. It is ship ready for delivery by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company.

Iran iron ore fob price

Of course, to determine the iron ore fob price, we are also required to estimate the cost side. Additional transportation costs from the warehouse to the ship’s deck in the port. These costs may include shipping costs, staffing, and THC, as well as customs fees.

These costs are estimated and aggregated with the total price of the shipment and then divided into tonnage. Thus, the Iran iron ore fob price can be estimated. As you can see, we need the iron ore fob price to be determined, and the buyer will provide us with the full details of his purchase, which includes the purchase tonnage of the iron.

Iron ore price today

Today, on January 23, 2019, the magnetite iron ore 62 fe price is $ 34.9 and the magnetite iron ore 58 fe price is at about $ 27.5, while the magnetite iron ore price with 54 percent is, as well as $ 20.4. Also, the hematite iron ore 62 fe price is at 33.9 dollars, for hematite  iron ore 58 fe price is equal to 27.2 dollars, and for hematite iron ore 56 percent is equal to 24.9 dollars. The last changes for iron ore magnetite and hematite are about -1.0%.

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