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Iron scrap prices in iran belong to the Simurgh iron and steel company with a purity of 97.6% and carbon content of 0.352% with an average low impurity, for example, the percentage of phosphorus in the product is estimated at an average of 0.0173%, very well is estimated. The precise and complete analysis of iron scrap is provided below.

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Iron scrap prices are determined based on the degree of iron purity, as in other steel products used in the melting unit to become molten and ingot. Of course, as you know, other impurities are always taken into consideration. Particularly harmful impurities such as percentage of phosphorus.

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Based on the analysis of the product and the percentage of its impurity elements, the average price is determined based on market conditions for scrap iron. The full analysis of the existing iron scrap that can be supplied by Simurgh iron and steel company in the tonnage of 100 tons per week can be examined below.

P Mn Si C Fe Ave
0.0173 1.43 0.378 0.352 97.6
Nb Cu Co Al Ni Ave
<0.0100 0.0195 0.0088 0.0017 0.0298
As Zr Ca B Sn Ave
<0.002 0.0033 0.0003 0.0010 0.0039

Of course, the lack of pricing is due to the oscillation that occurs in the price of iron scrap in the market on different days. The average price of iron droplets is currently around 8000 to 15000 IRR depending on the quality of the load. You can also contact us for the price inquiry by contacting us.

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