iron powder from mill scale scrap

Iron powder from mill scale scrap in the amount of 30,000 tons cleaned and screened (see iron mill scale and film below), also in two fine and mixed finishes by Simuorgh Iron and Steel Company.

Iron dust mill scale

The iron mill scale, which is oxidized shells of ingot and slab surfaces that are removed from the ingot stage at the rolling stage, are being sold by the factories due to the development of the use of this waste product. It can be said that about two percent of the steel input to the rolling and also shaving units is released in the iron mill scale. Fortunately, the iron mill scale uses the possibility of restoring cost and capital, albeit small, to rolling mills as well as slabs repair.

Iron mill scale suppliers

Iron powder from mill scale scrap that collect this product from factories are processing a secondary product on the product to improve quality and, of course, grading its various qualities. The important part of this process involves the product sieve. You can see an example of the activity in the following video. Different qualities of the ingot shell are ready to be sold. Simorgh iron and steel company is visible at this level.

Iron powder from mill scale scrap

Iron mill scale price

The price of iron powder from mill scale scrap is precisely determined by its quality and its iron purity. The purity of iron is possible by analyzing the product on a laboratory scale. Subject to the correct sampling of the consignment.

Iron mill scale buyers

In addition to the offerings for selling the above-mentioned iron oxide shell for the tonnage of 30,000 tons, auctions for sale in a higher tonnage will also be held by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company and its history will be made available to our loved ones. You can follow up on the latest news and offers from the company website or the company’s social networking. Both addresses are listed below.

Iron mill scale buyers Iron mill scale buyers

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