Iron pellets Wholesale Supplier

In the process of steelmaking, oxygen must be completely eliminated because in the process of steel production, the compounds in iron ore contain excess oxygen and this excess oxygen must be released from the steel sections. Aluminum is one of the materials that can be added to the steel production process to completely separate oxygen from the sections. The problem is that aluminum in the smelting process can not retain chemical compounds well. The price of deoxygenating briquettes is more suitable than aluminum ingots. For more information about Iron pellets Wholesale Supplier, visit our site.

Iron pellets Wholesale Supplier

What are iron pellets used for?

What are iron pellets used for? Steelmakers use this material extensively to deoxygenate and slag molten steel. Oxygenated briquettes are more efficient than aluminum. Due to the lack of oxidation in the environment, this material has more sales. Deoxygenation breaker has the ability to dissolve and weigh properly with steel and has all the properties of aluminum. The deoxygenating briquette improves the playfulness of the slag and increases the life of the slag line. Unlike aluminum, this material does not react quickly and the amount of deoxygenation will be less. The price of this product is lower compared to aluminum, so it shows a good economic return.

With the expansion of energy industries on the increasing trend of production in the country as well as the expansion of the sea and rail transport fleet, the need to use coal to generate electricity and export to other countries, including Turkey, this product is growing in the country. One of the environmental concerns is the amount of coal produced in various coal production processes, which is produced by collecting the soft and dust produced and controlling it, as well as converting it into briquettes by briquetting machines and recycling it in various industries.

It has been eliminated and we are witnessing a reduction in adverse environmental effects. In the production of sponge coal and iron, part of it is produced in soft form and can not be used due to suction in the furnace environment. Therefore, turning it into briquettes is inevitable. In coal something is about 10-12% of production and in sponge iron 10-15% of production. Given the production capacity in the country is a good opportunity for investors.

Appearance of sponge iron in the form of spherical pieces (pellets) that have a spongy appearance, which is why it is called sponge iron. Sponge iron has a high grade of iron, which is more common today due to the lack of scrap iron and its rising price, as well as environmental problems. Sponge iron cutter: The grade and amount of iron in sponge iron is between 84 to 95%. The high grade of sponge iron makes it a good source for iron and steel production. As mentioned, sponge iron is obtained by recycling natural or processed iron ore that has not reached melting poin.tFor more information about iron pellets for sale, visit our site

Bulk supplying of iron pellets

Bulk supplying of iron pellets Bulk supply of iron pellets is done by our company and we deliver this product to customers at a good price, so you can refer to our website for more information about iron pellets price.

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