Iron pellets supply in bulk

Several types of magnetic separators are used in this section: low intensity separator, high intensity separator and high gradient separator. The type of magnetic separators is selected for operation based on the properties of the original minerals and tests out prior to operation on the minerals. In addition, if elements such as sulfur and phosphorus are present in the concentrate, the flotation method is used to the waste in the concentrate. More information on iron pellets supply the on our website.

Iron pellets supply in bulk

What are iron pellets used for?

What are iron pellets used for? Iron is one of the most widely consumed metals in the world and for 95% of thereserves. There are many reasons for the high consumption of iron, the most important of which are abundance, ease of use, high strength and price of iron products. The main use of iron ore in the construction industry is the production of iron products, especially steel, in the production and construction of light city buildings, factories and sheds, dam construction, road construction and especially the construction of bridges, railways and ships, and also various galvanized sheet.

Metal products are also used in a variety of industries, including appliances, heavy machinery, weapons, and the automotive industry. The main product, which is made from iron and is very widely used in various industries, is steel, is widely the construction industry and other industries. 98% of the pig iron mined in the world today is used to make steel for various industries, which shows that the of a raw material in modern industries cannot be imagined without iron. Iron ore processing is divided into two categories depending on the product: granular iron ore concentrate production. The production of granular iron ore is usually carried out dry and without water.

Its raw material is iron ore with a grade of about 50%, and the product is iron ore with a of 68-60% in three dimensional grades. At the plant, the feed is crushed in two or three stages and divided into different granulation classes by sieving. The high ore is from the lean tailings using physical separation techniques (mainly magnetic). This product, called granular iron ore, due to its low content, cannot be used in a direct system, but can be used in blast furnaces. For more information iron pellets for sale visit our website.

Supplying iron pellets in bulk

Supplying iron pellets in bulk iron pellets price is associated with many fluctuations so that the world’s major currencies have affected the price of this product, so in our collection is the daily price of this product that you can visit our official site Supplying iron pellets in bulk.

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