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The chemical formula of iron ore is magnetite Fe3O4. The name is Greek and means magnet. This rock is the mineral complex and is a hard rock, making it difficult to dissolve in hydrochloric acid (HCL). Switzerland was the first country to discover this stone. This stone crystalline appearance and has granular aggregates and there are many saturated grains inside. The hardness of this stone is 5.5. For more information on local iron pellets suppliers, visit our site.

Iron pellets Local Suppliers

What are iron pellets used for?

What are iron pellets used for? The iron minerals now available on the market come in a variety of forms. In addition to the chemical formulations between them, they are also seen in various physical forms like granules, concentrates, and pellets. These stones will be used metal cast iron and steel. Today and previous civilizations have used this metal more than other types of metals. Significant strength, abundance of primary mines, processing and smelting, and reasonable price are the main reasons for the use of iron ore.

For this reason, the processing of this stone is used to metals. The main uses include bridge construction, railways, construction equipment, household appliances, and various types of industrial equipment. Various forms of iron used in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of tools and war equipment. According to statistics, around 98% of the iron ore is used to produce build steel structures. Diverse and dispersed applications of iron ore have also been reported.

Including use in the production of concrete and cement, drilling and some pigments. Its main use is the production of metallic iron. Most of the iron produced is used in the manufacture of steel metal. Steel is also used many tools and equipment, cars, locomotives, boats, construction beams, furniture, paper clips, bicycles, and thousands of other small and large devices. This metal is in most metal both in terms of consumption and consumption. The main use of this stone is the same 98% for steel metal fabrication and the for other mentioned in the following cases.

Other applications of iron ore Powdered iron: used in the manufacture of certain steels, magnets, auto parts, and catalysts;

Radioactive iron (iron 59): used in pharmacy as a trace element in biochemical and metallurgical research.

Black iron oxide: used as a pigment in used in metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, magnetic inks, and ferrites (iron hydroxide) in the electronics industry;

Red iron: For use in paints, printing inks, cosmetics art paints, plastics, fertilizers, and industrial finishes.

Iron ores are natural raw materials for the production of in smelting furnaces. Magnetite is the oil industry as clay weighing element. Iron ores suitable for metalworking must have a special mineral and chemical composition, as well properties. The minimum amount of iron in rough stones suitable for use in production is 25-30%. Titanium magnetic rocks can be used to extract averaging 15 to 17 percent of the available iron. The minimum amount of iron in the rocks used in smelting furnaces is determined in and these on the type of mineral rocks. For magnetite and hematite rocks, the minimum available iron between 45 and 50%.

Rocks with lower levels of iron are enriched by processes of magnetic separation, washing and extraction. Its important physical characteristics are: density, hardness, texture and body. For more information on iron ore pellets for sale visit our site.

Focal suppliers of iron pellets

Focal suppliers of iron pellets Our manufacturing company is one of the Focal suppliers of iron pellets and delivers this product to the customer at a good price and has a high quality, so you can For more information about iron pellets for sale, visit our site.

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