Iron pellet Wholesale price in 2020

Sponge iron pellet has an excellent energy source and is widely used in the steel industry in Iran. Sponge iron or DRI is a type of briquette that is used for easy traffic that is safe and is widely used in matters that require transportation. This material is used when the steel industry intends to produce crude steel as well as iron, and in a way, it should be said that it is the most suitable material compared to scrap iron.

Iron pellet Wholesale price in 2020

The brief history of Iron pellet

The brief history of Iron pellet Our country, Iran, is known as the largest producer of sponge iron in the world because there are several factories that always produce sponge iron in a massive and professional manner. The production capacity of sponge iron in our country is very high. The factories that work in this field supply thousands of tons of iron every year and provide it to companies and consumers. Studies show that the production capacity of sponge iron in Iran has increased so much annually that it has reached 36 million tons. Analysis of Iranian sponge iron shows how good it is.

The acceptance of these iron samples by foreign countries and domestic markets causes the production capacity of this product to increase every year. In addition to the need for iron ore pellets for sale, more equipment and labor are needed to increase the volume of production. iron ore pellet specifications is a major and direct sponge that eliminates intermediaries and provides this product to customers. Due to the fact that this type of iron has wide applications in various industries, its price is commensurate with its quality, and its direct supply has resulted in very good sales and excellent profitability. For more comprehensive information, you can contact the website to benefit from the guidance and advice of the sales department.

Bulk price of Iron pellet in 2020

Bulk price of Iron pellet in 2020 This company is the largest sales center for sponge iron in Iran. In fact, the manufacturer is always the first and main sales center that provides the product directly to customers in bulk without any intermediaries. Products do not remain in factory warehouses, and customers can pay less for more products than the manufacturer.

This sale is obliged to guide the customers at the time of the visit and provide them with accurate prices in addition to selling these samples of iron. This product is also sold online, which this site is responsible for. With direct sales, you can be exempted from paying exorbitant travel expenses and staying in heavy traffic, and after registering the order and paying the amount, you can receive the product at the door and use it. The company has gained a special position by providing direct and online sales.

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