Iron pellet fine Wholesale price

Iron pellets are one of the essential raw materials in the manufacture of many materials such as steel and are produced in different ways. Today, the best type of iron pellets are made in compact factories in industrial factories and are of high quality. iron pellet fine suppliers these products are mainly distributed in markets inside and outside Iran to meet the needs of factories for this essential material.

Iron pellet fine Wholesale price

Unique Characteristics of Iron pellet fine

Unique Characteristics of Iron pellet fine At present, the production of high quality steel in most countries of the world including Iran, using iron pellets is expanding and steel production centers need millions of tons of iron pellets to produce this product. Iron pellets cause steel to be produced at the lowest cost and in the best quality, so there is always a high demand for pellets. There are pelletizing factories in some provinces of the country such as Khuzestan. Pelletizing is one of the important units of Khuzestan Steel Company and produces a high percentage of this product.

Today, Iran has reached self sufficiency in pellet production and produces the best type of this product. If we want to define iron pellets, we must say that pellets are made of condensed iron through various processes and are baked in high temperature furnaces to strengthen this product. The pellets are transferred to direct reduction units after steps such as cooking, cooling and drying.

To produce iron pellets, various raw materials such as iron ore, limestone, etc are used. Research has shown that the larger the particles used in the production of pellets, the lower the quality of the iron pellets produced. Many other factors, such as temperature, affect the final quality of this product. The optimum temperature for the production of iron pellets varies from twenty five degrees Celsius to one thousand three hundred and forty degrees Celsius.

In addition, it is said that increasing the percentage of pores during the production process of iron pellets increases the production of sponge iron in direct reduction units. Pure iron ore should be used in the preparation of iron pellets and impurities should be cleaned during the production process. iron pellet fine in bulk offered by different centers.

Wholesale price of iron pellet fine

Wholesale price of iron pellet fine The steel industry is considered as one of the basic industries of any country and iron pellets are needed to produce this valuable material. Iron pellets are produced in the best quality in Iran and according to the needs of the buyer, they are mainly transported to steel mills by train or truck. Applicants of iron pellets can order this product in bulk and at a very reasonable price through this center.

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