Iron pellet fine for sale

The presence of sponge iron is a major breakthrough in the foundry of the steel industry. One of the main uses of sponge iron is in induction furnaces (almost 50% replace scrap). The problem with using it in induction furnaces is that the use of sponge iron in induction furnaces requires special knowledge and skills. Since sponge iron can be used in all methods of steelmaking, this material can be a good alternative to scrap iron and instead of scrap it can provide a high percentage of the raw materials needed to melt steelmaking units. You can find more information about iron pellet fine our website.

Iron pellet fine for sale

What are iron pellets used for?

What are iron pellets used for? The use of briquettes or sponge iron in the electric arc furnace brings about the properties of the melting process mentioned below. Due to its uniform chemical composition, sponge iron is a better alternative to scrap in steelmaking to reduce the concentration of impurities and sediments in the melt by increasing the iron content in the cargo. By reducing the sediments in the melt, the nitrogen is reduced, and by reducing the nitrogen, high quality slabs and billets are produced for the manufacture of hot rolled sheet, wire and a wide variety of other products.

High quality due to high iron content Reduce the sulfur and phosphorus levels Lack of waste elements in scrap iron Sponge iron can be used as a coolant to replace scrap iron in oxygen units and furnaces. For easier storage and storage of sponge iron (DRI) it is concentrated and compressed and called a briquette. Making briquettes is one of the best ways to reduce oxidation or rust in snuff as it reduces surface porosity (separation) and increases density and abrasion resistance. Application of briquetting Briquetting is used in various industries that we will mention below.

iron and Steel Minerals (dolomite, manganese, ferro-alloy, aluminum oxide, lime, etc.) Chemicals (sulfates, carbonates, chlorides, cyanides, bromides) Chemical fertilizer Detergents and hygiene For the production of two products, soft briquette and cold briquette, the materials are brought into the briquetting machine at ambient temperature. The cold briquetting process is a new technology that develops and facilitates the transport and storage of sponge iron for steel production in direct reduction plants. Please visit our website for more information iron pellets for sale.

Purchase iron pellet fine in 2021

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