Iron Ore wholesale dealers

The iron ore required for steel is supplied from the country’s three main mines, the country’s mines must supply iron ore, and the mining industry must pay special attention to exploration so that steel companies do not have problems in supplying raw materials. Isfahan Steel production method is different from other steelmakers in the country and this has caused it not only to be deprived of energy subsidies, but also to support coal mines, and therefore this industry should be removed from the industry by various methods, including lifting export restrictions. Supported. Therefore, Iron Ore wholesale dealers offer this product with a very affordable price.

Iron Ore wholesale dealers

Iron Ore producing process

Iron Ore producing process

Iron ore production process is one of the most important industrial and mining processes. Iron ore as a raw material for the production of steel and steel sheets such as non-ferrous sheets and other steel sheets is one of the most important minerals to be extracted in the world.

About 5% of the Earth’s crust is composed of the metal element iron ore, which is not found in the heart of the earth in its pure form, and is usually present in the form of dark silver and brown powders with impurities due to its reactivity in the heart of the earth.

Pure iron has no strength at all, and to achieve strength, it easily reacts with other elements, especially when exposed to oxygen, to form various alloys. In this article, which is written on Iran Forming website, read everything you want to know about iron ore and get enough familiarity with its basic features and applications. Stay with us.

Iron ore production process

Iron ore extracted raw from iron ores must be processed for use in the ironmaking and steelmaking process and is the product of iron ore processing, iron ore concentrate or granulated iron ore. In this section, we refer in detail to the iron ore processing methods for the production of granulated iron ore and iron ore concentrate:

For the production of granulated iron ore, the processing process is done dry and without water, and usually the feed of this process is 50% grade iron ore, and the product of the process is 60% to 68% grade iron ore in two or three dimensional classes. is. The process is such that the incoming iron ore enters the factory as feed and is crushed and sieved in two or three stages and is divided into different granulation classes.

In the next step, with mainly magnetic methods, which are known as physical separation methods, high-grade iron ore is separated from low-grade items, and the product of this process is called granulated iron ore and can be used in blast furnaces. .

Types of granulated iron ore based on dimensions are:

Fine-grained iron ore: This type of iron ore has very fine grains with dimensions between 0 to 10 mm.

Coarse-grained iron ore or lumps: This type of iron ore has coarser grains and their size is between 10 to 30 mm.

Normally, the grade of both types of granulated iron ore is between 57 and 63%. Of course, a grade of 42% has been observed for them.

Inputs to concentrate production plants usually have lower iron ore grades and need to be refined using more sophisticated methods to produce concentrate. The processing process for the production of iron ore concentrate consists of units of crushing, milling, upgrading, and dewatering, of course, additional units such as water supply, transportation and facilities are also present in the work process. Dear customers, for more information about raw iron ore for sale please refer to our collection website.

Iron Ore wholesale traders

Iron Ore wholesale traders

Iron Ore wholesale traders, which provide and market products with dimensions of less than 30 mm at a very reasonable price, should bring this product to the Asian stage, which is done in the presence of water and in a wetter form. .

In fact, at this stage, the imported minerals are crushed by self-breaking or semi-crushing or compression roller mills and their dimensions are reduced to about 0.5 to 1 mm. At this point, the material obtained in this step is brought to the next stage, where the ball mills crush them in a wetter environment. Therefore, iron ore buyers provide this product at an affordable price.

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