magnetite iron ore price today per ton

The increase in the magnetite iron ore price today per ton in Iran’s ports has been impressive due to the global rise in prices. The price of iron ore 62 fe has experienced a tangible increase of $ 15 from $ 55 to $ 69.8 since 2019. The global price of iron ore 62 fe cfr china in main ports for increased to $ 120.

Magnetite iron ore suppliers

The high exports of magnetite iron ore and, of course, hematite from Iran have caused the Iranian iron and steel market to be affected by global market fluctuations. Therefore, the fluctuation in iron ore prices that has been created since early 2019 due to the critical and major force conditions for large iron ore-producing companies such as Vale, Brazil has had an impact on the price of iron ore in the consumer markets such as China and the exporter like Iran.

The main destination for iran iron ore exports is China. The shortage of inventory of Chinese ports, due to the decline in exports of Vale, Rio Tinto and BHP, led to an increase in the price of iron ore and consequently steel products. The rise in prices in the Chinese market has led to a rise in the price of iron ore in Iran.

Magnetite iron ore 62 price

Magnetite iron ore prices for iron ore 62 fe of Iran’s exports increase at $ 15, now we see at $ 70. Magnetite iron ore grade 60-61% with a monthly capacity of 15,000 tons is currently supplied as EX-WORK of the Zanjan mine or FOB of Imam Port in the list of available capacities available from the Simurgh Steel Industrial and Mining Complex.

Magnetite iron ore 62 price


Also, Premium 67.4% of dry magnetite iron ore with a zero-ten grading is also available with a 65% concentrate index with the following analysis. The delivery capacity of purity is 67 percent equal to twenty thousand tons per month.

Magnetite iron ore 62 price

Iran iron ore price

Both quality iron ore magnetite is supplied by Simorgh Steel Complex, delivery of FOB Imam Port or mine floor. As you know, the shipping rates from Imam’s port to major Chinese ports are about two dollars higher than shipping costs from Bandar Abbas to Chinese ports. Therefore, the price of Magnetite iron ore in the port of Imam is about two dollars lower. At present, shipping rates and shipping costs from Bandar Abbas to main Chinese ports, including Tianjin, for bulk ships per tonne of iron ore range from $ 30 to $ 31 and from the port of Imam is about $ 32 to $ 33.

Iron ore concentrate plant

Iron ore is either processed or supplied in granular form or in concentrates of iron ore and pellets. All three types of iron ore are called rock, so the fluctuations of these three products are the same. In fact, since the beginning of 2019, we have witnessed an incremental price fluctuation for all three types of iron ore, iron ore, iron ore concentrate and iron pellets.

The price of iron ore concentrate 66 fe in FOB Bandar Abbas is now $ 121.6 and iron ore price is $ 108. In the world markets, the price of iron ore pellet and concentrates is 121.85 and 143.97 dollars per ton, respectively.

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