iron ore pellets price index – price chart

Iron ore pellets price index globally, in the deals between countries, the metal bulletin price table today and the platts iron ore index. Of course, in the Iranian market, the price index is Umetal.

Iron ore market price

The Iron Ore Market is a vast market that deals with various countries from China, Iran, Pakistan to Brazil, Germany, Australia, the USA, and so on. Fortunately, for trading, the fact is that the purchase and sale of iron ore, a good and reliable index, is often accepted by many traders in different countries. The best and most important indicator in the trades to determine the price cited by that common indicator is the platts iron ore index.

platts iron ore price today 2019

Iron ore price chart

The platts magazine contains the latest iron ore and market analysis of the industry. The volatility of the market and the slope of the iron ore price chart can be reached through the publication of this collection. Fortunately, what’s happening with the platts iron ore index is determining the price for a specific analysis of iron ore. On this basis, for each consignment, the exact analysis, exact price plus penalty and reward for the price with the change in percentage of impurity elements or purity of the product, was made.

iron ore concentrate market price

Iron ore concentrate price per ton

The iron pellets price and the iron ore concentrate price per ton, along with the iron ore pellets price index, is mentioned in global indicators. Of course, another indicator that can be considered for world trade in this field is Metal Bulletin. Metal Bulletin contains the latest price changes and market analysis not only for the steel industry, which is for all metals.

Iron ore pellet price

But the price index for iron ore and the price of iron pellets in Iran in domestic transactions? At the moment, Umetal is the most important indicator that traders know and sometimes make their deals based on. Of course, any iron ore trader, considering the conditions for his shipment, considers the price higher, equal to or below Umtal for sale or purchase.

Iron ore pellet price

Iran Iron Ore Export Statistics

The figures for Iran’s iron ore export show a very positive and good growth. Yearly, several million tons of iron ore are shipped from our country’s ports to the countries of East Asia. Among the countries of Eastern Asia, the main buyer of iron ore is China. Iron ore exports to all of its three granular forms, the type of iron concentrate is also iron ore pellets.

List of iron ore exporters

List of iron ore exporters

In the list of iron ore exporters, in addition to the state owned mines and factories, mines and private companies that have developed well on their mines and sites also have a good place. Export is a complex process of production, sale, transfer, and transportation, which requires a full understanding of each of these steps. Exports to the development of Simrogh Iron and Steel Company, to countries such as China, Iraq, Oman, UAE, Belgium, Russia, Turkmenistan, as well as the Central African Republic, put the company on the list of iron ore exporters in Iran.

For information on the latest inventories of iron ore, concentrate, pellet, sponge iron and steel products for export, you can contact the Sales Department of Simorgh Steel Company or the Commercial Director of Ms. Nematzadeh Company.

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