iron ore pellets for sale

Iron ore pellets sales center has been able to capture a wide range of the market by offering quality products.Iron ore is the raw material for steel production and 98% of the iron ore mined worldwide is used to produce steel. The automotive and construction industries are the main sectors consuming steel, and as a result, the demand for steel in these sectors affects the demand and price of iron ore.

iron ore pellets for sale

Which country has the best quality iron ore?

Which country has the best quality iron ore? Undoubtedly, one of the important factors in accelerating the progress and development of a country is its ability to supply steel products. The most advanced countries in the world either use their domestic reserves to produce this valuable commodity or have the possibility of obtaining iron ore from other countries as a guarantee. Naturally, the richer a country is in terms of iron ore and other mineral resources, the easier the path to progress.
Asian countries follow the same rule and fortunately have a good position in the world in terms of storage and production of steel products. In the following, we will introduce the largest iron ore mines in Asia and examine the importance of these reserves in determining world prices.
Which countries produce the most iron ore?

After Australia, the largest extraction of iron ore by weight is in Asia, especially Iran. This will make the countries of the region have a great impact on the global iron market, followed by various industries. Of course, you should not forget that the production of high iron ore does not mean the production of steel products. Many of these countries do not have the technology to make these products and are moving towards selling raw materials. Among Asian countries, countries such as India, Russia and East Asian countries are in a better position than Middle Eastern countries, each of which we will discuss in detail in this strategic market. iron ore pellet specifications It is determined according to its mines

iron ore pellets on market

iron ore pellets on market

iron ore pellets sales market in Iran is hot and prosperous. The iron ore pellets price Iranian in consumer markets is much lower compared to similar grades from Australia and Brazil. Recently, however, rising freight rates and problems with sanctions have forced Iranian retailers to lower FOB prices to maintain their market share. The only factor that justifies the export of iron ore is the increase in the price of this raw material in the world market and the devaluation of the rial. Of course, it should be borne in mind that in the current situation, some exporters of iron ore from Iran are willing to sell their products at the point to continue to be present in the export market.

Reports indicate that China has recently begun importing high-grade iron ore due to environmental restrictions and is virtually reluctant to buy low-purity iron ore. Given the average grade of Iranian iron ore, which is in the range of 40 to 50 percent, the only way to export these products is to produce concentrate and pellets to achieve higher grades or give more discounts, in addition to purifying higher grades is practically economical. No and reducing the price is the only way available.

It seems that in the current situation, in order to prevent the waste of national resources, revision of strategies, attention to meeting domestic needs and allocation of maximum production to the country’s steelmaking units should be on the agenda of the mines..

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