Iron ore pellets for sale at best price

As a matter of fact, Iron ores are known as special rocks and minerals from that metallic iron may be extracted too. Thus, there are four major sorts of iron ore pellets deposit: massive hematite, that is the most commonly mined, magnetite, titanomagnetite, and plus pisolitic ironstone specifically.

Iron ore pellets for sale at best price

What are the four types of iron ore?

What are the four types of iron ore?

As a matter of fact, there are some crucial types of Iron ore which are such as:

  • Magnetite

In fact, the major iron-bearing mineral of magnetite is especial triiron tetroxide, and its chemical formula is pure Fe3O4 particularly. Meanwhile, the theoretical iron content is 72.4 percentage, the appearance color is often carbon black or even maybe slightly light blue black, metallic luster, streaks black as well. Basically, the most prominent feature of this ore is its magnetic nature, that is also the origin of its name specifically. Besides, Magnetite is totally very hard, dense in structure and poor in decreasing performance typically.

  • Hematite

Surely, Hematite can refer to a ferric oxide containing not any crystal water, and its chemical formula is exactly Fe2O3 (iron oxide). In addition, the pure hematite theoretical iron contents are 70 percentage. Moreover, the hematite crystal structure is various, from so dense to very loose and even so soft powder, so the hardness is not the same, the former is totally between 5.5 and 6.5, the latter is so low as well.

  • Limonite

On the other hand, Limonite is known as a ferric oxide containing crystal water, and the chemical formula will be expressed. So, based on different crystal water content, limonite might be divided into water hematite, needle hematite, limonite and the like too. Additionally, Limonite is weathered from other iron ore, hence its structure is approximately soft, small special gravity and large water content. Besides, Limonite has different colors because of the various amount of crystal water, from tan to dark brown or even black gray too.

  • Siderite

In fact, Siderite is counted as an iron carbonate with a chemical formula of FeCO3 (iron carbonate), a theoretical iron content of 48.2 percentage, a FeO content of 62.1 percentage, and a CO2 of 37.9 percentage in particular. Besides, the siderite is completely weathered into limonite under the action of oxygen and water too. Plus, the siderite is often mixed with carbonates including magnesium, manganese and calcium specifically.

Purchase iron ore pellets in bulk

Purchase iron ore pellets in bulk

First of all you should know that, iron ores vary in color from dark gray, bright yellow, or plus purple to rusty red too. So, Iron ore is responsible for the red color in lots of our rocks and the red sands of the Australian deserts, and is a key ingredient in steelmaking particularly. Additionally, iron ore pellets manufacturers try to provide the conditions of iron ore pellet specifications for its customers in different industries.

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