Iron ore pellets export business

Due to its large specific surface area, spongy iron (DRI) tends to re-oxidize and, in some cases, causes sudden combustion (autoignition) in oxygen-containing environments. In this study, the reoxidation and self-combustion behavior of spongy iron prepared from different iron minerals was investigated. The reoxidation kinetics and mechanism, as well as the self-combustion temperature of each sponge iron sample, were identified by reoxidation under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions. For more information on iron ore pellets visit our site.

Iron ore pellets export business

Which country is the largest producer of iron ore?

Which country is the largest producer of iron ore? Midrex technology is used to regenerate pellets in Iran. This method is the direct reduction of iron ore pellets with broken gases. So natural gas first enters the gas refraction unit (reformer) and due to heat and the presence of special catalysts it breaks down and decomposes into H and CO. The released hydrogen and carbon enter the reducing furnace and combine with oxygen in the molten pellet to regenerate the iron ore. In this method, iron ore granules with a grade of 67% are regenerated and the resulting spongy iron (porous granules) is obtained by fe metallization (approximately 92 degrees).

This method (Midrex) is one of the most successful and well-known methods in the world. Other methods used to regenerate pellets or pieces of iron ore in other countries of the world include: (HYL, SLRN, JINDAL, ACCAR, RDR, …) The HYL method is the direct regeneration of pellets based on natural gas and sl / rn and … direct reduction of iron ore based on thermal coal. HYL is a natural gas-based direct reduction method that belongs to Mexico and its HYL type 1 is available from Khuzestan Steel and is now closed for technical reasons such as high electricity consumption, lack of nominal capacity, etc.

HYL has recently modified the HYL method with the participation of the Italian companies Danieli, Tekinet and Tenova, and has introduced it under the name of Energiron, new units are being installed or built in several countries, including Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Supposedly due to visits from some companies? Iranian units operating in Mexico and Abu Dhabi The previous problems of this technology have been solved and the units built in nominal capacity with an adequate energy consumption and almost equal to the Midrex method are being produced.

The sl / rn method is a direct reduction method for hematite-type iron ore (pellets) and thermal coal (non-coking). It was first introduced by the German company Lorgi and later developed in India, China, South Africa and Venezuela and some other countries. In this method, unlike the two methods Midrex and HYL, which regenerate pellets with broken natural gas, it is performed. Hematite iron ore is reduced to spongy iron in the presence of thermal coal. The maximum capacity of this method to regenerate iron ore is 150,000 tons per year and at least 15,000 tons. This method is suitable for the private sector and small hematite iron ore mines. For more information on iron ore pellets for sale visit our site.

Export business of iron ore pellets

Export business of iron ore pellets Export business of iron ore pellets is exported by our company at a good price because good quality and reasonable price have caused other countries to buy this product, so you can For more information about iron ore pellets manufacturers, visit our site.

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