Iron ore pellet plant manufacturer

Examination of the orbital circuit of the bullets revealed that the arrangement of the orbital circuit should be changed. In this paper, the microbial circuit breaker circuit was first simulated as software and then the circuit was optimized and the product was predicted. The results of a similar simulation of the Asian food classification by hydrocyclone and the removal of material smaller than 125 microns from it, and the prevention of the entry of the middle product of more magnetic separators into pellets, increase the production capacity of pellet mills by up to 33%.For information about iron ore pellet plant Visit our site.

Iron ore pellet plant manufacturer

What is iron ore pellet beneficiation?

What is iron ore pellet beneficiation?

Zarand iron ore concentrate plant is designed in Jalalabad mine area of ​​Zarand with a capacity of 2000,000 tons with a grade of 68% per year. This unit supplies part of the feed of pelletizing and sintering factories belonging to Zarand Iranian Steel Company and also the iron ore pelletizing plant of Butia Iranian Company. Processing section includes steps of material crushing by HPGR, wetland analysis, primary classifier, first bullet Asia, second bullet Asia, second classifier, more magnetic separation of Raffer and Kliner, final concentrate filtration, waste drying.

Infrastructure and infrastructure: substation and power transmission line and water transmission line.

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Iron ore pellet plant Manufacturing process

Iron ore pellet plant Manufacturing process

Familiarity with the process of producing iron ore pellets

Iron ore processing is one of the most important processes in the steel production chain. In the ironing process, due to the limitations regarding the quality and amount of feed granulation and the effect of parameters such as iron ore grade, the amount of harmful elements such as sulfur and phosphorus, it should be observed in order to concentrate (process).

Iron ore processing is divided into two categories based on the product of iron ore production and the production of iron ore concentrate is divided.

The production of granulated iron ore is generally done dry and without water. Its feed is iron ore with a grade of about 50% and the product is iron ore with a grade of 68-60% in two or three dimensional classes.

In the feed factory, it is crushed in two or three stages and divided into different granulation classes by a sieve. Then, using physical separation methods (mainly magnetically), high-grade iron ore is separated from low-grade waste. This product, which is called granulation iron ore, cannot be used in the direct reduction system due to its low grade, but it can be used in long furnaces.

In different factories, according to the characteristics of the factory’s iron ore feedstock, stages of this process are eliminated or added to it, or the priority and delay of the steps are changed.

In deposits, the average grade of iron ore is low and the amount of excess elements is acceptable. For this reason, concentrates are used to produce more advanced methods and more complex circuits. Processing circuits generally consist of crushing, milling, and refining units.


In addition to these units, transportation units, water supply, facilities and 2 are mentioned as ancillary units.


The first stage in the factory begins with the entry of the mineral into the crusher (general or giraffe). In this section, the pieces between 20-25 and 100 cm are cut to dimensions smaller than 20-20 cm.


Of course, a fixed grill is installed at the entrance of the crusher, the holes of which are equal to the dimensions of the product coming out of the crusher. In this way, the smaller dimensions do not enter the crusher so that they do not become smaller.

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