Iron Ore export dealers

Iron is one of the most widely consumed metals in the world and accounts for 95% of the world’s metal reserves. There are several reasons for the high consumption of iron, the most important of which are the abundance, ease of operation, high strength and reasonable price of iron and its products.Iron Ore export dealers deliver this versatile product to customers with the highest quality, which you can visit our site for more information.

Iron Ore export dealers

Which is the largest producer of iron ore?

Which is the largest producer of iron ore?

Our production complex is one of the largest producers of iron ore. The main application of iron ore in the construction industry is products made of iron, especially steel, in the production and construction of light and heavy structures, including urban buildings, factories and Silos, dams, road construction and especially bridges, railways and ships and all kinds of steel sheets such as galvanized sheet are used.

Iron products are also used in a variety of industries, including home appliances, light and heavy machinery, weapons, and the automotive industry.

The main product that is made of iron and has a very high application in various industries is steel, which is widely used in the construction industry and other industries. 98% of the iron extracted in the world is used today to produce steel for various industries, which shows the importance of iron as a raw material in modern industries and industries can not be imagined without iron in any way. Appeared.

The total production of processed iron ore in the country’s mines during the first 9 months of this year exceeded 25.7 million tons. From the beginning of this year to the end of December, 8 large iron ore producing companies extracted more than 39.2 million tons of this mineral and produced more than 25 million tons of it as a processed product including concentrate, granulation, lumps and pellets of iron ore.

Among the manufacturing companies,  the largest producer of this mineral in Iran. During this period, the company increased the production of processed iron ore to more than 9 million tons.

After that, Golgoor Mining and Industrial Company came in second with a production of 7.5 million tons.

Central iron ore companies of Iran, Sangan, Jalalabad Zarand, Sirjan, Mishdvan and Central Plateau stood in the next ranks of production, so that the production of central iron ore reached 3.9 million tons and iron ore companies of Sangan 2.2 million tons. Sirjan produced one million and 50 thousand tons, Jalalabad Zarand 978 thousand tons, Mishdvan 597 thousand tons and Central Plateau 316 thousand tons of this mineral in 9 months of this year.

During this period, the total extraction of iron ore reached more than 39 million tons and the amount of shipped processed iron ore to consuming factories reached 25 million tons. Iran is one of the iron ore importing countries.

Iron Ore export traders

Iron Ore export traders

Iron Ore export traders are used in sectors such as construction, its alloy is prepared using many elements. These elements are different and the most common of them are nickel and chromium. How to identify iron ore is that it is the raw material of steel production and 98% of the iron ore mined worldwide is used to produce steel. The automotive and construction industries are the main sectors consuming steel, and as a result, the demand for steel in these sectors affects the demand and price of iron ore.

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