iron ore concentrate vs. pellets

The price of iron ore concentrate vs. pellets is based on several parameters including iron purity, iron oxide percentage, impurities such as phosphorus, sulfur, alumina, silica, also based on the size of the products. Of course, the probable fluctuations of the day are also considered in the final price announcement.

Iron ore pellets sell

What is important in the iron ore pellets sell and is included in the analysis sheet, as in the beginning of the text, in addition to the purity of iron, the product has its impurities. The iron ore pellet analysis provided by Simurgh iron and steel company in this section, details are fully contained in the analysis sheet and indicate the quality of the product.

Iron ore pellets sell

Iron ore pellet plant in Iran

Thankfully, iron ore concentrate vs. pellets have enough export quality. The low percentage of impurities and harmful elements present in the product, making it popular in world markets, has boomed its export. Of course, the quality of Iran iron ore pellets produced by different factories varies, and some cases may not be able to offer exportation because of high impurities. Therefore, we have to be careful in offering and offering the product in accordance with the principle of recognizing our target market.

Iron ore pellets buyers

Iran iron ore concentrate vs. pellets buyers many countries, including China. As you know, China is the largest importer of iron ore in all three shapes, concentrates and pellets. The largest amount of iron pellets is also exported to this country. Although in addition to China, the countries of Iraq and Oman are also buyers of iron ore pellets.

It is worth mentioning that the HS Code is 2601.

Iron ore pellets price chart

The iron pellet price in the global market (5 April 2019) has been set at $ 126.13. The latest price of iron ore concentrate vs. pellets is also fob ports of Iran is 76.8 dollars and 90.4 dollars respectively.

Iron ore fines

The price of one ton of magnetite iron ore 60%, delivery of fob, is $ 55.2 per tonne. The latest shipping rate is about $ 29 to China’s ports. So the Chinese cfr price is about 84.2$/t.

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