Iron ore and scrap different products

In the longer term, instead of investing in iron ore, scrap management can be planned to produce steel through scrap steel, as in Turkey. But the question of how well the steel waste market in our country is properly managed and recycled is questionable. Do steel units need to change lines and equipment if they want to produce scrap steel? Will it be possible to import iron scrap? if you want to know about iron ore and scrap, use of scrap in steel making, and, iron ore specification; read on.

Iron ore and scrap different products

Most popular iron ore and scrap products

Most popular iron ore and scrap products Some Chinese steelmakers have reacted to rising scrap prices in the domestic market, raising the use of iron ore in their steel production. According to Iran Steel, a recent study by the Platts Institute on the relationship between iron ore and scrap prices shows that for the first time since 2013, the price difference between the two raw materials has become very sharp. The rising scrap market has surpassed iron ore, making iron ore a viable raw material. The price of scrap in the Chinese domestic market is $ 31 higher than its real value compared to iron ore.

 The price trend of iron ore and scrap in the Chinese market is used as an indicator of the health of two different steelmaking methods (blast furnace and electric arc furnace) and can show which method is more profitable for factories.

 For the past five years, the difference between the price of scrap in the Chinese domestic market and imported iron ore has averaged $ 200 per ton. But as scrap has risen sharply since October 2017, the price difference reached $ 332 per tonne in late December. Recently, despite the price correction, this premium has remained above $ 300 per ton.

Buy various iron ore and scrap products

Buy various iron ore and scrap products

Purchasing Iron Waste was recyclable materials that are left in the heart of nature. All the equipment we know and are around us Buying iron scrap in Tehran has recyclable parts such as cars, construction industries and discarded materials. All and all have recyclable parts that, unlike garbage, waste, are of considerable monetary value, and therefore can be called expensive waste.

Especially metal scrap and iron scrap, which can be said to have the highest price and the highest monetary value.  Iron and metal wastes are also found in various areas, such as industrial areas and residential areas.  Recyclers are collecting iron and metal scrap, both in industrial and residential areas, with announcements that they intend to collect and purchase scrap metal.

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