iron ore 52 fe price

An increase in the iron ore 52 fe price, as an iron ore with a low purity, is sometimes remarkable. This increase in iron ore 52 fe price is due to increased demand for it.

Iron ore 52 fe price as low-grade iron ore, lower than other qualities. This makes it easy for steel makers to choose and buy iron ore for this quality. This choice is made despite the higher contamination and lower production efficiency of this iron ore grade. The reason for this is the low iron ore 52 fe price.

Iron ore price 58 fe

The iron ore is 58 spot price, medium and balanced. This quality of iron ore is offered as an ore grade with average purity.

62 fines iron ore price

62 fines iron ore price is in the highest ranks in the price list. The reason for this, as you know, is the high percentage of iron in the rock and in fact its high purity. The use of iron ore fines 62 two very important advantages.

  • The production efficiency of the steel mill will be high, ie 62% iron ore.
  • The amount of pollutants entering the environment will be low if used with this iron ore quality.

But sometimes, especially when the price of steel is decreasing in the market, despite these advantages, due to the higher iron ore rate of 62%, the volume of demand for it decreases. The change in the demand for any iron ore quality from steelmakers is due to their price fluctuations. Often the fluctuation rate is different for different grades of iron ore.

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