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Iron mill scale buy is also called steel ingot shell. Because it is the product of hot rolling and modification of ingots and slabs, it is used for various applications such as melting, ferro-silica production, granulation for use in the manufacture of certain industrial components, and so on.

Iron oxide mill scale

As the product name indicates, the iron oxide mill scale is oxide shells that are separated from the steel bars during hot rolling, or shells that remain as factory waste during shaving. In fact, iron oxide mill scale is a waste from steel mills. Unfortunately, about two percent of the steel input to the hot rolling lines is wasted as iron oxide mill scale scrap. But fortunately working on it and the possibility of returning to the steel and smelting line partly offsets the cost and percentage of dumped materials. Of course, this product has been used in various applications in the industry, in addition to melting in the production of ferrosilicon, and so on. So factories offer this product in their by-products list.

Iron oxide mill scale 73.5%

Iron oxide mill scale with a purity of 73.5% iron according to the following chemical analysis table is ready to be supplied with a monthly supply capacity of 15,000 tons by Simurgh Azarbaijan Steel Company. In this analysis, in addition to the percentage of iron, you also see other parameters that are related to the elements and compounds.

In fact, in addition to the percentage and amount of iron present in the product, the percentage of impurities in the product is also important. Percentage of cargoes impurities including percentage of sulfur, phosphorus, silica, alumina, etc. are listed in the following table according to the results of chemical analysis and XRF.

%wt Element
1.05 SiO2
0.11 Al2O3
0.35 CaO
73.51 Fe (total)
0.01 K2O
0.03 MgO
0.67 MnO
0.09 Na2O
0.031 P
<0.05 S
0.01 TiO2
>31 FeO


Iron mill scale suppliers

One of the main features of iron mill scale if the purpose of its application is melting process is the purity of iron (% Fe total) of iron mill scale. The iron mill scale often has a purity (percentage by weight of total iron) in the range of 72 to 75% if it is clean. Sometimes iron mill scale shipments have lower purity due to their impurity and contamination. This results in low melting efficiency. These cargoes are also not a good choice for other applications such as ferrosilicon production or for grain processing for other industrial applications. Especially if the cargo has a high percentage of fines, it is very difficult to separate these impurities and it is almost impossible to say.

The small size and thickness of iron mill scale shells or the percentage of soil in the iron mill scale shipment is another parameter that is often overlooked. Some iron mill scale suppliers٬ product through several stages of the sifting process, separating the fine and coarse loads and delivering each quality to its own customer according to the type of application. Particularly in applications where we need to peel and seal the iron mill scale, this issue and even the thickness of the shells are of great importance. Buyer’s request for these types of applications is often iron mill scale with low fineness percentage and high thickness.

Uses of iron mill scale for the production of ferrosilicon

Other important applications of iron mill scale can be used in the ferrous silicon industry. Ferrosilica is germinating and used in the casting process to fine-tune the steel structure. Production of ferrosilicium is carried out in several industrial plants in Iran. These ferro-silicon factories are the main customer of the iron mill scale steel mills that feed directly from the steel mills. Even some of these factories have long-term contracts with nearby steel mills guaranteeing their future supply.

Iron mill scale for sale

The iron mill scale is sold in the following three qualities and is supplied by Simurgh Iron and Steel company:

1) The coarse iron mill scale with five to ten percent fine grains and low thickness iron shells. Thin flake iron mill scale and all. You can watch the sample video of this product below.


2) Iron mill scale flake five to ten percent of fines and dust iron with a thick top crust. Thick all flake iron mill scale. Depot footage This cargo can be seen below. This quality of product is both usable for melting and suitable for granulation. Most factories that intend to use this product for granulation require high thick iron mill scale.


3) Iron mill scale with 95% fineness and below 5% iron oxide beads. For this quality of the iron mill scale, the buyer may request product delineation, in which case the secondary processing process will be applied to the product, and the cost of this secondary processing process will be applied to the price of the iron mill scale.

Iron mill scale price per ton

Iron mill scale prices are determined precisely on the basis of chemical analysis and product quality in terms of the physical characteristics of the cargo including the dimensions of the iron mill scale components, the grading and product shading, etc. Side costs of iron mill scale sales that are added to the iron mill scale prices for domestic sales include the cost of packaging (at the request of the buyer), loading costs, value added tax and shipping costs.

If the cargo transportation and its transaction are included in the list of international transactions to be shipped out of Iran, the shipping costs include packing costs, loading, shipping to port, analysis (including SGS), export clearance cost, duties export cargo, the cost of stuffing (transmission on board the ship) is.

Iron mill scale pricing is determined exactly based on the physical and chemical properties of the iron mill scale shipments and the terms of the transaction including purchase tonnage, place of delivery, delivery method, cost settlement method, and rial or dollar value of the product.

Iron mill scale transport

Iron mill scale transportation is often done in bulk. Whether in domestic sales or exports. Bulk vessels of ten thousand tons, thirty thousand and fifty thousand tons are suitable for transporting these cargoes and are often used.

In domestic transport, jacking machines are also the most suitable option because of the ease of cargo discharge.

Export of Iron mill scale to China

Iron oxide shell is traded in the world market as mill scale. Due to the large number of steel mills in Iran, the volume of these scrap metal that is annually increasing is significant. A percentage of this product is re-introduced into the domestic steel milling cycle and a percentage is exported. The most important customer is iron mill scale Iran of China. Freight is often shipped from Bandar Abbas or Chabahar ports. Freight is often shipped in bulk on bulk vessels.

HS code of iron mill scale

The world has defined the international code for collecting information and data on international transactions and exporting and importing products from different countries for each product. The international term for this code is the HS code, also known as the Customs Code in the Iranian Customs. Each product with this code is defined in the customs of the countries and is prepared and approved for entry and exit.

This code applies to all products, whether food or non-food shipments, such as ferrous or non-ferrous metal products, petrochemicals and petroleum products. Hs code is defined for all products without exception.

The iron oxide shell with the international name mill scale iron also has a customs code in hs code. With this code you can get all the statistics on the export and import of iron oxide shell. All information including date of last traded cargo in the world for iron mill scale, volume and tonnage of cargo, country of origin of cargo loading, country of destination or cargo destination, dollar value of cargo, volume and tonnage of transactions in a given period of time such as one year. Specific and even seller and buyer specifications can be accessed through the hs code.

Customs code or hs code is iron mill scale 26190090. With this code we can identify all the information related to international trading of iron mill scale and buyer and seller countries.

If you check the export and import statistics of iron mill scale through hs code of this product As mentioned in the previous section, you will find Iran is one of the exporter of iron mill scale from our southern ports such as Bandar Abbas and Bandar Chabahar and sometimes from Bandar Imam. . The most important destination of iron mill scale shipments from Iran ports is China. Iran’s iron mill scale export cargoes are often shipped in bulk with bulk vessels to China or other buyer countries.

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