Iron ingot cost Wholesale Supplier

The most important current products for distribution include iron ingot cost hot and cold sheets, rebars, corners, cans. Honeycomb beams are also prepared in the company’s workshop for the size requested by the buyer.

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Iron ingot cost Wholesale Supplier

How iron ingot is made?

How iron ingot is made? buyers, prepare all the parts and hardware they need for their unit in a complete list and present it to the company’s sales unit. Based on the list we received from you, the initial pre-invoice that you can have an approximate estimate of the final total cost, your service will be sent.

You can finalize your order based on this pre-invoice. Orders are prepared and sent within three working days. If unique cuts are required for a customer, for example preparing a honeycomb beam, or cutting an iron sheet to the dimensions requested by the customer, you will be notified of the delivery time by confirming the pre-invoice by the sales unit.

The cost price of hardware, in addition to being affected by ancillary sales costs such as transportation costs, etc., also depends on current market conditions.

Depending on supply and demand in each time period, prices may fluctuate positively or negatively. The price of all hardware such as beams, rebars, angles, cans and… may change daily. This issue is informed to the esteemed customers on a daily basis by the advertising and information units of iron ingot price. Information is provided through news channels on social networks as well as through the company’s information site.

The latest hardware price table is available on the site’s daily price page. The price of hardware is updated daily by the company’s support team along with the analysis of price decrease or increase and the reasons for it.

Bulk suppliers of iron ingot

Bulk suppliers of iron ingot Sales of iron ingot to export may be high or low depending on the project of construction units under construction, whether industrial projects or housing construction that is underway in a city or province. Some cities need to be rebuilt due to the conditions that have been created for the infrastructure of that city, so this city needs to buy more types of iron to meet its needs.

The possibility of direct supply and wholesale distribution of iron in these cities can improve the cost price for buyers and consumers. Establishing a representative office in different cities by the factory can be a positive step towards achieving this goal (ie offering and distributing hardware products at affordable prices for consumers).

For the provinces where we do not have a representative for the sale of hardware, since Tehran is the capital of Iran and the transportation costs are lower and the convenience of sending goods is higher, we send the shipments of hardware from the main iron distribution warehouse of Tehran.

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