Iron concentrate Wholesale price

It is worth noting that the choice of direct iron ore recovery method depends on the location of the generating plant and the available resources. For example, in Iran, considering the rich gas resources, the choice of gas resources is a more logical choice and gas is used as a reducing agent. As you know, the use of coal resources for regeneration also leads to air pollution problems and its mines are not easily accessible. But now the largest producer of sponge iron in the world is India, which relies on coal resources to revive iron ore. For more information about Iron concentrate Wholesale price, visit our site.

Iron concentrate Wholesale price

What is iron concentrate?

What is iron concentrate? As a result, it is possible to use this material to provide a high percentage of raw materials to provide the required melt to steelmaking units instead of using waste. Of course, keep in mind that to use it in an technical knowledge and experience are required. In addition, sponge iron has continuous casting of the steel industry.

With the difference that at the time of production, it is compactly formed and in terms of type and temperature of the production process is produced into 3 types. Sponge iron briquette is a product that is used in many steelmaking units around the world. Sponge iron briquetting process is divided into cold and hot briquetting groups according to the temperature of the sponge iron entering the briquetting machine. In the following, these two processes will be examined. 1- Cold briquetting In the cold briquetting process, the input materials enter the briquetting machine at room temperature. In this process, depending on the type of material entering the machine, two types of products are known, which are sponge soft iron briquettes and cold iron and carbon briquettes (CBIC). 1-1- Sponge iron briquette In the steel industry, like any other industry, the optimal use of by-products has a special place. Produces and increases losses.

Thus, sponge iron briquetting and its product called “sponge iron briquette (CBI)” are used as a conventional solution for the optimal use of by-products of the direct reduction unit. Because the volume of production of sponge iron in the direct reduction unit is limited (less than 10% of the production volume of the direct reduction unit), the capacity of the briquetting unit is also limited and this material is usually used in steelmaking units adjacent to the direct reduction unit. . In other words, due to limited production and not so favorable properties compared to other members of the sponge iron family, this product has never been considered as a commercial product in global markets. The foam of sponge iron, which is separated from the direct reduction unit to the steelmaking unit (smelting) in the product sieves during the transfer process, after being mixed with a small amount of lime and silicate glue in the briquetting machine, is compressed and turned into briquettes. Briquettes are used in the arc furnace process due to their high metallization (degree of metallization) and suitable weight.

One of the important goals of briquette production is to pay attention to the environment. In this regard, sponge iron, which is one of the by-products of the process of production and transfer of sponge iron, is converted into briquettes, and this product, after melting, is converted into steel ingots. For more information about iron ore concentrate price, visit our site.

Bulk price of iron concentrate

Bulk price of iron concentrate Recognizing this problem and also the imbalance of production capacity of direct reduction units and active steelmaking in the country in different seasons of the year, Tadbir Sanat Asia Company seeks to provide a way out of this problem and enter the global markets of sponge iron, briquette product Invented Iron and Carbon Cold (CBIC) as a new product in the sponge iron industry. For more information about iron ore concentrate process and Bulk price of iron concentrate, visit our site.

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