iron concentrate wholesale distributors

The rocks and minerals in the iron ore mine contain iron compounds. Iron ore is processed using physical and chemical processes in steel mills and its iron is separated from other materials and compounds. The use of steel in industry became extremely necessary from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. As demand for steel increased, so did the production of iron concentrate. Therefore, they offer iron concentrate wholesale distributors at an affordable price.

iron concentrate wholesale distributors

what is iron concentrate good for?

what is iron concentrate good for?

Iron concentrate is one of the secondary products produced from iron ore and the purpose of its production is to make high quality low quality iron ore to return waste and unused iron ore to the production cycle.

Iron concentrate is extremely important for the smelting industry and reduces costs because harmful and disturbing materials are taken, so less energy and time is spent by factories on the smelting process.

Iron ore is used to produce a variety of iron pellets, sponge iron and other metal products.

Few factories in Iran produce iron ore concentrate because its production line is very expensive and requires a lot of water and energy, as well as very special natural and regional environmental facilities.

Granulated iron ore is made dry and without water. Then, by means of physical separation (magnetic method), high-grade iron ore is separated from its alloys. Granulation iron is not used in direct reduction system due to its low grade, but it can be used in blast furnaces.

 In concentrators, the average grade of iron ore is low and the amount of elements is more than acceptable. Therefore, to increase the grade, more advanced methods and more complex concentrate paths are made.

To produce steel, iron ore is first extracted from the mine, then flotation is used to remove the ore impurities. After concentrating the iron ore, pelletizing is done so that the iron ore powder reaches the appropriate dimensions. In later stages, steel is produced by regenerating iron ore pellets.

Due to the fluctuations that have occurred in the width market, iron ore concentrate price has faced changes that you can refer to our website for detailed information on the price of this product.

iron concentrate wholesale distribution centers

iron concentrate wholesale distribution centers

The raw materials used in the iron ore concentrate process to produce pellets are as follows:

    Iron ore: is the first and most important raw material for the production of pellets.

    Bentonite: It is the best mineral for pellet particle bonding, because it distributes water evenly and prevents the pellet from cracking, as well as increasing its mechanical strength.

    Organic matter: They establish a chemical bond between particles. The gas produced from its decomposition increases the porosity and quality of the pellets.

    Lime: It is used as limestone with dimensions less than 0.5 mm to increase the strength of pellets.

    Calcium hydroxide: It is composed of a combination of calcareous limestone and a mixture of produced lime with water, and due to its adhesive properties, it causes iron particles to bond together.

    Water: The amount and quality of water have a great impact on pellets. In this way, if the amount of water is less or more than the required amount, it reduces the mechanical strength of the pellets.

    Cement: Used to harden cold pellets that do not need to be baked.

Therefore, iron concentrate wholesale distribution centers are provided to customers at an affordable price.

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