Iron briquette Wholesale production

Iron briquettes are by-products obtained by concentrating unusable iron parts. In fact, when iron ore is refined and extracted from it, smaller pieces are formed that are discarded. The use of these products has flourished in recent years in both the iron and steel industries. The briquetting process is divided into two general categories. For more information about Iron briquette Wholesale production, visit our site.

Iron briquette Wholesale production

What is iron briquette used for?

What is iron briquette used for? Premium iron briquette has the following features: High quality iron parts, which are not used only because of their small size, enter the production cycle and are used for various purposes. Simply put, briquetting is a form of iron recycling. Other features include convenient storage. It can also be stored for a long time without problems such as oxidation. This feature is not seen in lower quality samples. It also minimizes fire hazards in different climates. Another feature of premium iron briquettes is that other materials can be added to it. These materials, in fact, determine the type of application and purpose of use.

For example, sometimes carbon is added to it and sometimes alloying elements are used. The addition of materials can greatly increase the strength of iron briquettes. Another thing to consider about this product is that it can be very economical. Because it is exported to different countries and causes a lot of currency for the country every year. Easy transportation should also be added to the characteristics of high quality iron briquettes. The required temperature for its production is estimated at about six hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. Iron briquettes are divided into hot and cold briquettes based on the temperature of the iron parts that are placed in the special device as input material.

Dear applicants and buyers can order iron briquettes at a reasonable price in bulk through this site. Prices are greatly reduced as sales intermediaries are completely removed from the buying and selling cycle. Major purchases come with special discounts. As a result, prices are at an all-time low. So for more information about iron briquette supply, visit our site.

Bulk production of iron briquette

Bulk production of iron briquette Bulk production of iron briquette is done with the aim of improving the transportability of sponge iron and reducing the possibility of oxidation and ignition of this product in the depot stage after purchase. These three issues are doubly important in the export sales of iron briquettes. Production of sponge iron briquettes is developing and increasing in sponge iron producing countries, including our country, Iran. Sponge iron briquette is a compressed type of sponge iron that does not have the risk of ignition or the possibility of quality loss due to oxidation. The best solution for safe transportation and proper storage of sponge iron load is its production in the form of sponge iron briquettes. Therefore, for more information about iron briquette price, you can visit our site and buy this product.

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