Iron briquette prominant manufacturers

 Iran is getting near to production of iron briquette by relying on the export of semi-finished and finished steel as the local market is yet in the doldrums. It surpassed India in production at the beginning of the year .

Iranian market players are optimistic about further progress, believing that the tendency will continue in 2017. Their belief is based on a competitive production technology. 

Direct reduced iron manufacturers produce hot briquetted iron and they give it to customers.

Iron briquette prominant manufacturers

What is hot briquetted iron used for?

What is hot briquetted iron used for? Hot briquetted iron is the result of decreasing iron ore with natural gas. HBI signs for hot briquetted iron – porous sponge iron, compossed into briquettes.  HBI can be applied as a pre-material in g steps: Raw material iron ore pellets: Iron ore pellets – the raw material – are fed into the reactorNatural gas is converted into reducing gas:  Hot reducing gas flows through the iron ore, from the bottom to the top, according to the counterflow principle The Oxygen content is reduced = “sponge iron” is produced“Sponge iron” is pressed into briquettes (Hot Briquetted Iron) furnaces or HBI is the production of reducing iron ore with natural gas. HBI shows hot briquetted iron – porous sponge iron, compressed into briquettes. HBI can be used as a pre-material in blast furnaces or electric arc furnaces.

Raw material iron ore pellets: Iron ore pellets – the raw material – are fed into the reactorNatural gas is changed into reducing gas: it is changed into reducing gas and then sends Reducing gas circulates in a closed machin and is recycledThe direct decreasing process.

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) is a almostly new product, created in the past 25 years, as a supplement for pig iron and scrap in electric furnace steel mills. It is a compressed form of direct decreased iron (DRI), which facilitates its handling, storage, and use.

Manufacturing process of iron briquette

Manufacturing process of iron briquette

HBI is the result of reducing ore iron with natural gas. This is named the direct reduction process and is an environmentally-friendlyproduction process; a DRI plant uses of natural gas which is more environmentally sound than coke. The reduction process happens in the reduction tower.  The tower is the center of the plant and is 137 m (450 feet) tall. The direct reduction process is a difficult and time consuming.

Iron metallics is a metal that is from the first transition model and group 8 of the periodic table. It is the most common element on Earth,iron mettalics is made much of Earth’s outer and inner core. It is the fourth most existing element in the Earth’s crust.

 Wrought Irons are the purest form of iron. It is formed 0.12 to 0.25% carbon and  it makes the purest form of iron.

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