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In the purchase of sponge iron briquettes, it’s worth noting that the product suitable for use in electric arc furnaces and inductors has different characteristics. So iron briquette price will be different depending on its specifications. Also note that due to these differences, providing your buyer details to briquetted iron manufacturers can help in providing the product you are looking for.

Cold briquetted iron hbi

As you know, sponge iron briquettes are classified in two types: cold and hot. However, we would like to provide you with further details about this product. To make the best choice when purchasing sponge iron briquettes in accordance with your equipment and production. So you can get the right product with the most suitable iron briquette price.

Cold and hot briquetted iron manufacturers

Sponge iron and iron briquettes manufacturers in Iran, thankfully considering the different operation of electric arc furnaces and induction arc furnaces. They are trying to produce the appropriate product for each furnace and offer it to the buyer’s needs.

Iron briquette price for induction furnace

Induction furnaces usually require higher metallization products. In addition, carbon control and reduction in the melting process is another issue that involves steel makers in using induction furnaces. These two parameters are considered in the production of suitable iron briquettes for this type of furnace.

Iron briquette price for arc furnace

But with electric arc furnaces, luckily, these furnaces are less sensitive. The use of sponge iron and briquettes, even of a second grade, is also possible for these furnaces. Therefore, the steel maker has a greater choice in buying and can consider the price factor.

In addition to purchasing equipment, briquetted iron manufacturers are also considering the production of their billets. They also ask for special analysis of iron briquettes. In fact, fortunately, selling cold sponge iron briquettes allows the production and sale of the product with custom customer analysis.

Cold and hot briquetted iron price chart

The price of sponge iron also determines the iron briquette price precisely based on its specifications including total iron content, percentage of metal iron product, percentage of carbon, percentage of impurities and its size. Of course, market conditions and fluctuations should be considered in announcing and updating prices. The recent upsurge in iron ore prices has also affected the price of sponge iron and iron briquette price. The latest global price for sponge iron briquettes has been announced at 290-310 dollars per tonne CFR of Italian ports on March 29, 2019.

You can contact the sales department of the company or directly with the company’s commercial director to get the price of the day and to know the terms of sale.

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