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iran central iron ore co. (bafgh)

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Iranian central plateau iron ore mines coIran iron ore exportIran iron ore price
iran central iron ore co. (bafgh)

The nature of iran central iron ore co. (bafgh) purchased from choghart iron ore mine, a mixture of magnetite and hematite. Due to the high level of choghart iron ore mine and the low level of harmful elements such as phosphorus, ungenerated choghart iron ore mine is graded in iran central iron ore co. (bafgh) and transferred to the steelmaking units inside the country or in the export sector.

Iranian central plateau iron ore mines co

Due to the high purity of iran central iron ore co. (bafgh) purchased from choghart iron ore mine (as mentioned at the beginning of the article), there is no need for ore mining after iron extraction. The only process on it is the aggregation process. After this stage, iron ore graded to steel mills is sent to melt and regenerate and produce steel ingot. Of course, the percentage of iron ore extracted from choghart iron ore mine is high in phosphorus and low in purity. Which is then transferred to the Choghart Concentration Unit after extraction.

Iran iron ore export

Supplying a large portion of the iron ore needs of Isfahan Steel Company through this mine. Granulated iron ore, in addition to supplying the needs of domestic factories like Isfahan Steel, is also exported. Choghart iron ore mine by rail with the cities of Tehran, also Isfahan and Bandar Abbas in the relationship. The Bafq iron ore purchased from Choghart for shipping to Bandar Abbas with the aim of exporting it to countries such as China, is transmitted through the national railway of the Sirjan road to Bandar Abbas, 610 kilometers away.

In order to order Bafg iron ore in a variety of granulated as well as concentrate, you can contact the company’s business management. Pleas contact us.

Iran iron ore price

The iran iron ore price is currently on March 28, 2019, as shown below (link of updated iron ore price):

Shipping C.W. ChangeD. ChangeCFR ChinaFOB BNDSpecPurityProducts
29.0$3.6%0.4$75.1$46.1$60%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$3.5%1.0$67.0$38.0$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S55%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$3.5%0.4$76.6$47.6$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S61%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$3.3%0.4$79.3$50.3$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S62%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$2.5%0.4$66.2$37.2$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S56%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$2.4%0.4$68.1$39.1$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S57%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$2.2%0.4$70.4$41.4$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S58%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$2.2%1.0$76.2$47.2$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S60%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$2.1%0.4$72.2$43.2$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S59%Iranian hematite fines
29.0$2.1%1.0$78.2$49.2$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S61%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$2.0%1.0$79.7$50.7$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S62%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$0.8%1.0$66.0$37.0$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S54%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$0.8%1.0$68.4$39.4$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S56%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$0.7%1.0$70.1$41.1$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S57%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$0.7%1.0$72.1$43.1$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S58%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$0.7%1.0$73.7$44.7$6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S59%Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$-0.3%1.0$100.3$71.3$0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture67%Iranian concentrates
29.0$-0.3%1.0$99.0$70.3$0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture66%Iranian concentrates
29.0$-0.3%1.0$97.9$68.9$0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture65%Iranian concentrates
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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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