Hot rolled steel for sale

Hot rolling generally stops about 50 to 100 ° C (100 to 200 ° F) above the recrystallization temperature. Finishing the rolling process at this final temperature prevents the material from stretching hardening and creates fine and uniform grains. Before additional deformation, the part needs to be reheated to achieve the correct conditions for rolling. For more information on hot rolled steel sales, visit our site.

Hot rolled steel for sale

Where is hot rolled steel used?

Where is hot rolled steel used? The main components required for a rolling mill are as follows:

Preheating furnace: This furnace is responsible for heating the part to the temperature required for rolling. For the furnace, a system should be designed so that the ingots move inside the furnace and enter from the beginning of the furnace and reach the required temperature until the flames reach the end of the furnace. Ejector: This device is responsible for removing spark plugs that have reached the temperature required for rolling. Peeling: This device is responsible for the removal of the skin created by different ways of casting and re-creaming.

Rolling stand: This device has a roller for rolling or reducing the thickness of the piece made using horizontal rollers.

Brick foot: This device is used to create relatively accurate dimensions in terms of the transverse and uniformity of the slab edges and , which perform this task with vertical rollers.

Thickness gauges: This device is responsible for measuring the thickness of the produced sheet.

Twister: This device is used to bend sheet metal after production, performing this task with a few small rollers.

Cooling line: This line has the task of cooling the produced sheet metal designed according to local conditions.

Scissors: Responsible for sizing the sheet metal as well as cutting the head and end of the sheet.

Packing machine: This machine is responsible for automatically packing the produced sheet and the weight of the sheet.

Hot Rolled Radiation Heat treatment is required in rolling mills where the metal product changes too much physically. During hot and cold rolling processes, the metal product undergoes one or more heat treatments to improve the metallurgical structure and the physical and mechanical properties of the products. One of the most important thermal treatments is irradiation. More irradiation is done in the cooled materials. Black sheet is produced at very high temperature and therefore the compounds of mild steel melted by high temperature hot rolling become opaque and opaque, and therefore this type of sheet has a dark and opaque appearance, which is a name. The thickness of the black layer is usually between 1.5 mm and 100 mm.

Its dimensions are from one hundred centimeters to two hundred centimeters and ST37 is the industrial standard for the production of mild steel. Mild steel is usually made from titanium and aluminum alloys. Black bed sheet types Black sheet is offered in two types according to the production method in the industrial field. There are two types of black pages:

  • 1. Ordinary black page
  • 2. Industrial mild steel Ordinary black sheet metal is used for the construction and construction of sheds.

Industrial black plate is also used in petrochemical industries etc. For more information on hot rolled steel prices, visit our site.

Purchase hot rolled steel in bulk

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