Hot rolled coil for sale

A steel coil is a type of sheet that is wound in the form of coils and whose width is greater than its thickness. This metal is ideal for pre-engineered walls, agricultural roof panels and architectural building panels. It is also ideal for automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemicals and petrochemicals and power stations. For more information about hot rolled coils for sale, visit our site.

Hot rolled coil for sale

What is hot rolled coils?

What is hot rolled coils? A steel coil is a polished steel product such as a sheet or belt that is rolled or coiled after rolling. According to the experience gained in these years, steel coils are classified as hot and cold rolled, stainless steel coils, carbon coils, galvanized steel coils and cold rolled coils according to international standards. Steel is initially produced in the form of sheets that are converted using a roller that converts the sheets into unwound coils. These large coils are typically made about 1250mm wide (sometimes slightly wider), split, machined. After being cut, the strip is referred to by different names such as coils, slotted coils, twisted or flat belts.

Steel coils are products with a minimum width of 600mm and a thickness of about 1.5 to 25mm. The weight of steel coils produced in a rolling mill is up to 45 tons. Steel coils are usually processed by cutting lines on belts or thin sheets (cross section). Some roll making equipment can also roll the entire coil as raw material. Steel coils and their processed products generally meet high demands in terms of product quality, dimensional accuracy and surface properties. For example, the most consumed steel coils are in the automotive industry.

It is produced from semi-finished products that are reduced to certain thicknesses by rolling and annealing and wrapped in rolls. Hot rolled steel is used to make steel pipes, doors and tanks. This type of coil consists of rolling steel above the recrystallization temperature, usually around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The oxide layer is removed by mechanical or chemical methods or a combination of both. Oil can be used to prevent corrosion of the metal. Typical thickness of such coils is 2-7 mm, normal width is between 600-2100 mm.

Cold rolled coils are produced by removing the rust and rot from the hot rolled sheet by “immersing” it in a weak acid solution, then washing, brushing, drying and oiling, and finally cold rolling by passing The sheet is made of a reducing roller under pressure and twisted into a roll. Cold rolled coil is a higher quality product and has a smoother surface, greater dimensional accuracy (thickness, width, length) and greater strength. For more information about the hot rolled coil market, visit our site.

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