Highest quality steel slab Wholesale Market

Slab is one of the components of a building that is known as the load-bearing element and determines the level of the floors. Slab is usually the horizontal element of any building or house used to build floors, roofs and roofs. The slabs themselves are made of concrete, they are called concrete slabs. Usually the thickness of the slabs is significantly less than their length and width. Slabs can also be described as a building element, which transfers different types of floor loads to beams. For more information about Highest quality steel slab Wholesale Market, visit our site.

Highest quality steel slab Wholesale Market

The brief introduction to Highest quality steel slab

The brief introduction to Highest quality steel slab The flooring is a flat, two-dimensional structural component that is much thinner than the other two dimensions. This provides a shelter or a smooth surface to work on buildings. Tiling function: load transfer by bending in one or two directions. Reinforced concrete floors are used on roofs, floors and roofs. There may be pages; Run on monolithic main beams or concrete walls or even directly on columns. Concrete slab acts primarily as a flexible member and its design philosophy is similar to that of beams. Unidirectional flooring is supported by opposing side beams to move the load in one direction.

A unidirectional slab, for geometric reasons, only carries the load in one direction and transmits it to the beams, and the load-bearing opening is, in most cases, the short side of the slab to which the load is transferred. For the other span, this type of bearing system can work in the opposite direction to distribute the load in parallel (evenly spaced) across the other spans. The thickness of a single sided sheet is 100 to 150 mm or more, depending on the span and deflection measurement. They are usually transferred to a one-way slab in one direction. Single sided floor slabs are supported in parallel with beams on both sides. Unidirectional plates are supported by parallel beams; Length / width ratio equal to or greater than two (L / B> 2).

One-sided flooring up to 3.6 meters wide is economical. When designing a one-sided slab, less steel is used and therefore the depth of the slab is increased. The curved shape of the plate is one-sided in a cylindrical shape. Block beam roof is a single sided type of concrete slab. One-way sign is often used in traditional and multi-storey buildings that have low impact on structural elements. The amount of steel in one-sided plate is less than in two-sided plate. The unidirectional plate bends or bends perpendicular to the edges of the abutment while transferring the load to parallel beams on both sides. Double-sided flooring is a roof that transmits its load to all surrounding beams.

The length-to-width ratio of this plate is less than two and it bends in both directions while transferring load to the beams. Two-sided flooring will not collapse if it is integrated with supports (beams). In this slab, the share of each beam varies depending on the span (the share of the load is divided into trapezoids and triangles). Usually the thickness of the double-sided sheet varies between 100 and 200 mm depending on the span. For more information about stainless steel slab visit our site.

Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel slab

Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel slab Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel slab is growing well because it has attracted many domestic and foreign customers and has been able to export this product at a good price throughout the country and other countries. Therefore, for more information about steel slab standard size, visit our site.

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