Highest quality steel slab Global production

The first grade specified for steel ingots is Ct0, and the carbon content according to the table is not more than 0.23%. As for the letters we see after the Ct expression: The letter Г contains up to 0.8% by weight of manganese in steel, the letters кп, пс and сп deoxidized steel (very mild steel), the letter SP Tensile steel and SP, which is actually SP, semi-soft steels or construction Refers to the same steel suitable for their use. Highest quality steel slab Visit our site for more information on global production.

Highest quality steel slab Global production

Different types of Highest quality steel slab

Different types of Highest quality steel slab With these comments, it can be said that 5SP steel or Russian equivalent St5sp steel is suitable for construction use. On the other hand, we can carefully see in Figure 4 that the grades mentioned in the Russian standard are referred to as the European standard. This standard, which is ISO 630, is included in 6 sections with different titles, while the second section is referred to as the delivery conditions for structural steels for general use. Steel product manufacturers use steel ingots as raw materials for their products.

When crude steel is obtained from iron ore, molten steel is poured into rectangular or biconvex molds to make it into a portable solid ingot to better move and transport to the required centers. Types of steel ingots After going through the steel ingot stages, rectangular and trapezoidal ingots are used in various logs, fabrics and plates for various industries.

Fabric ingots: Fabric ingots, formerly known as flowers, are small, necessary large-sized pieces of ingots that are used in cross rolling after rolling. Slab ingots: Sheet steel ingots differ from other types of ingots in shape and appearance and vice versa, their cross section is rectangular. Most of its thickness is 130 mm, width and length 1.25 and 12 mm respectively. Plates are used as raw materials in steel sheet production. Plates are also known as plates or plates and are made directly by continuous casting or indirectly by hot rolling of other steel ingots. Steel ingots production methods As we said, steel ingots are made of iron ore.

After molten steel is prepared, steel ingots are produced by three methods: blast furnace, direct reduction and tunnel furnace.

Blast furnace method: In this common method of producing steel ingot, iron ore pellets containing lime and coke are poured into the blast furnace and crude iron is obtained at this stage.

Crude iron is then converted into molten steel in a converter furnace using an oxygen blower. After the end of this stage, molten steel is prepared for casting. During the casting stage, molten steel is transformed into various steel ingots.

Direct animation method: Direct animation is common in Iran. This method is done by using ‌ natural gas as fuel in the reduction furnace. The reduction furnace produces sponge iron; This sponge iron, made up of lime, coke and other materials, is poured into the electric arc furnace, where scrap iron previously entered.

At this stage, the chemical composition of molten steel is examined to create the desired material. After the impurities are removed, the molten steel is poured into a container called tundish in the casting unit. The desired container is then placed in a round hydrated copper mold on a cylinder and cooled with water. This method produces steel ingots. For more information on steel slab dimensions visit our site.

Global production of Highest quality steel slab

Global production of Highest quality steel slab Global production of Highest quality steel slab is distributed to the market by our company and has a good price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about stainless steel slab.

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