Highest quality steel ingot Wholesale Market

Steel ingots are robust and portable and one of the intermediate treatments of rolled steel. The molten metal is placed in a mold and frozen to obtain the sixth steel. Generally, an ingot is a rectangular piece with a mostly trapezoidal cross section and a maximum length of each branch of 2 meters and is made in small workshops. For more information on top Highest quality steel ingot Wholesale Market, visit our site.

Highest quality steel ingot Wholesale Market

What does a steel ingot weigh?

What does a steel ingot weigh? Iron ore is pelleted and placed in a blast furnace with lime and coke, and then cast iron or crude iron is made with more than 2% carbon. The steel is melted and then one of the steels is produced in ingots with the help of continuous casting. In this method, natural gas fuel is regenerated in the furnace. Sponge iron in briquette form is used at the direct reduction outlet. The scrap is placed in a special basket in an electric arc furnace, and then sponge briquettes are added to the furnace with materials called lime, coke, bentonite and slag.

The furnace load is melted by arc heat and the chemical composition of the melt is monitored again until it reaches a certain state. After the foreign materials on the molten steel are separated, the molten material is transferred to the casting section with the help of ladles, and the melted material is poured into a container (tundish). Frozen products are cut to a certain length. In this method, the molten metal in the copper mold will be cooled at a certain speed with the help of the hydraulic system and solid parts will be removed from the end of the mold before the same casting speed.

If the frozen ingot is cut one after the other and pouring continues until the melt is formed, it is called a continuous ingot.

Single or manual ingot: In this method, the melt is transferred to the molds with the help of a ladle and the melt will remain in it until it completely freezes. A separate mold is required to pour each steel ingot.

Bloom and Billet Use:

It is used in the production of simple rebar, rebar, iron beams, studs, corners, fabric shields, Mannesmann pipes, and other sections. Flooring uses: It is used in the production of pipes, sheets, corners, studs, corrugated pipes, coils,, plates and metal strips. For more information about the steel ingot price visit our site.

Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel ingot

Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel ingot Wholesale Market of Highest quality steel ingot continues to trade with good growth so that in our collection is facing good sales growth. So for more information about steel ingot sale, visit our site.

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