Highest quality black steel sheet Wholesale Market

During the hot rolling process, rolled steel sheet which is subjected to compression rolling at temperatures above 930 ° C (1700 ° F) and as a result of this process, the formability has been optimized, Hot rolled mild steel is shortened. The term mild steel has become popular for these products because the outer surfaces of these products are matted by oxidation and rust and are not as shiny as galvanized or oiled plates. Highest quality black steel sheet Visit our site.

Highest quality black steel sheet Wholesale Market

The brief introduction to black steel sheet

The brief introduction to black steel sheet Black sheets, which are the main products of large steel factories, have a wide range in terms of steel type, thickness and dimensions. The most common types of steel sheet produced in Iran are St37 and St52 sheets. The chemical analysis of these plates can be seen in the DIN 17100 standard. Of course, it should be noted that this standard has not been valid since 1980 and was replaced by BS EN 10025.

In this standard, for the equivalent class St37, its equivalent in the EN standard known as S235JRG2 should be sought. The reason why this steel is still called St37 in Iran is that the steel product assortment is not enough to require new and global names and abbreviations. However, it should be kept in mind that a wide range of thicknesses from 1 mm to 10 cm can be seen in black sheets in terms of size and dimensions. As the thickness increases, the product becomes a plate and its ductility decreases. As you can see in Figure

1, the way the sheets are brought to the market is in the form of rolls or sheets with specific dimensions.

These sheets are usually cut into sizes 6×1.5, 6X2, 12X2, 2X1 and 2.5 X1.5. When the sheet is cut to certain dimensions in the factory, it is called a fabric sheet. This word is derived from the meaning of fabrication made. Steel sheet is not a final product in itself, and mild steel construction is mainly used to make building profiles and secondary products such as metal sections, beams, belts, guardrails and other traffic equipment, as well as storage tanks. used. Mild steel is well galvanized, so products from it can be galvanized after production. For more information about 4×8 black sheet metal visit our site.

Wholesale Market of Highest quality black steel sheet

Wholesale Market of Highest quality black steel sheet Wholesale Market of Highest quality black steel sheet is growing well and the reasonable price of this product has caused many customers to buy this product. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about black steel sheet price.

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