High grade steel bloom Wholesale production

Another category of ingots is slabs, which look different from other categories of ingots. Unlike bloom and billet, slabs have a rectangular cross-section. Normally the thickness of this type of ingots is 230 mm and the width of the iron meters and its length is 12 meters. In fact, slabs are used to make steel sheets. They are also called slabs, slabs, or slabs. For more information on high grade steel bloom, visit our site.

High grade steel bloom Wholesale production

Is steel bloom in high demand?

Is steel bloom in high demand? One of the newest and most modern methods of steel ingot production is the melting furnaces. Many European countries now use induction furnaces to melt metals and produce steel. Various technologies can be used to make raw or molten blast arc furnace methods. Although most of the world’s crude steel production, the blast furnace method is produced, but for of electric furnace in Iran, is more justifiable. In this activity, the electric arc furnace (EAF) method is used to produce steel ingots In this method, scrap is first poured into an special baskets and then, at the same time as the scrap is melted, a mixture of spongy iron and materials lime, coke, bentonite and other additives.

The furnace is added to the melt, and after sampling, oxygen blowing, and , they are turned into molten steel. After draining the slag, the molten mixture is sent to the continuous by means ofladles. In a continuous casting unit, the melt is a nozzle into a called a tandish and then into a water-powered copper mold, which is turned into a frozen cold water along the path of the roll. Finally, cut desired lengths. Steel ingots are the raw material for of steel products. Steel There are several for producing molten steel, i furnaces (BF), and induction furnaces (IMF).

The EAF method, that is, the electric arc is used to produce steel ingots. Production of by the electric First, scrap is poured into , then a mixture of sponge iron lime, coke, bentonite and other additives is added to it. Then sampling is blown molten steel. The molten mixture produced is sent to the unit after discharging the slag.

Then the molten material is poured into expandable containers and then and then along the roller by spraying and turned into frozen ingots. Steel ingots have 2 gradesand steel standard. 3SP and 5SP belong to the category of plaincannot be heat treated. Therefore, its applications are in cases where high is not expected. For more information on steel bloom type visit our site.

Bulk production of High grade steel bloom

Bulk production of High grade steel bloom Bulk production of High grade steel bloom by our company is possible all over the country and we export this product at a competitive price and much cheaper than other places, so you can For more information about steel bloom price, visit our site.

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