High grade sponge iron Wholesale price

Sponge iron scrap is purchased for arc and induction furnaces. Scrap and sponge iron are two cargo products that are actually the feed of arc and induction furnaces. Steel makers use sponge irons to make up for bottlenecks and high costs. Sponge iron is a product of the direct reduction of iron pellets. Due to the increase in purity, it has gained usability in arc and induction furnaces. With the increasing number of steel makers using these two types of furnaces, the demand for sponge iron has also increased. Fortunately, the production of sponge iron in Iran was able to meet these steel industry needs to some extent and enter the export sector. You can find more information about High grade sponge iron on our website.

High grade sponge iron Wholesale price

What is High grade sponge iron?

What is High grade sponge iron? Induction furnace sponge iron is very important to have high metallization. The use of sponge iron with low metallization will cause severe corrosion of the furnace wall soil and will cause severe damage to the furnace. Therefore, when buying sponge iron for induction furnace, be sure to use first-class sponge iron with high metallization. Sponge iron arc furnace Arc furnaces are not as sensitive as induction furnaces. And the use of second-rate sponge iron can also be done in the arc furnace.

Of course, when buying sponge iron, you need to consider various other issues such as the type of ingot you produce, in addition to paying attention to the type of furnace. By expressing the type of your furnace and the final product to the sponge iron seller, you can ask him for the most suitable quality of sponge iron. In the final stages of sponge iron production, with the aim of removing the crushed pellets from the sponge iron charge, the product is passed through a sieve and the crushed pellets are separated from the sponge iron pellets.

The sponge iron left under the sieve, also known as the sub-sieve sponge iron, and of course in more specialized language it is called sponge iron, is used in industry. This product has a high value due to the high purity of iron in it. Of course, sponge iron, like other types of crude steel, is valued by grade, or rather by the percentage of total iron. Daily price of iron pellets These fluctuations were caused by fluctuations in the global price of iron ore in international markets and the fall in the price and value of the rial against the dollar.

The price of Iranian iron ore exports is determined based on the world price of iron ore, but the exchange rate is very effective in determining the rial price of iron ore and raw iron and steel products such as sponge iron. The sharp fluctuations of the dollar exchange rate in recent months have clearly shown this effect on the price of iron ore in various types of iron pellets, concentrates as well as granulated iron ore and, of course, crude steel products such as sponge iron.

Currently, the price of crude steel products is offered in the domestic market with a significant increase compared to a few months ago. Of course, the simultaneous increase in the prices of steelmakers’ products has allowed them to continue their activities. For more information about sponge iron testing method, visit our site.

Bulk price of High grade sponge iron

Bulk price of High grade sponge iron Bulk price of High grade sponge iron is associated with fluctuations, which are mostly due to price changes in major world currencies, but you, dear customers, can Find out about sponge iron price by visiting our site and buy this product at a good price.

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