High grade Hot rolled steel Main Suppliers

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High grade Hot rolled steel Main Suppliers

Is hot or cold rolled steel stronger?

Is hot or cold rolled steel stronger? The most common method of producing metal products in the rolling industry is hot rolling and cold rolling. In the rolling method, ingots, slices and billets are rolled into thinner sheets. The first step in turning semi-finished products into a final product is rolling. The hot rolling and cold rolling industry in Iran is at a lower level compared to the world standards due to the lack of knowledge of the managers and experts about the special rolling process.

Rolling types:

  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling

Hot rolled:

In hot rolling, the metal is passed between two rolls, the distance between them slightly less than the thickness of the lead metal and rotated in opposite directions.

Due to the rotational speed of the rolls, the friction between the roll and the metal causes the metal to move forward, its length increases and its thickness decreases. The amount of thickness reduction in rolling depends on the amount of friction between the roll and the metal surface.

Hot rolling temperature:

Temperature control is very important in hot rolling, so the temperature of the metal must be raised evenly to a certain value. This process requires keeping the part warm at a certain temperature for a long time. If the temperature of the part is not uniform, the resulting deformation will not be uniform either. Casting products are generally used in factories where production is intense.

After casting, the cooling is controlled so that the product can be introduced into the hot rolling machine without reheating and moving it. For smaller productions or heating for secondary processes, the temperature of the raw material (ingot, ingot or slab) is usually room temperature. They can be heated in oil or gas ovens to heat these parts to the right temperature. Hot rolling generally stops about 50 to 100 ° C above the recrystallization temperature. Cold rolled steel is basically hot rolled steel that has been further processed. In this type of rolling process, the product is placed in low temperature molds where the piece is cooled to room temperature after annealing. In this process, steel with good dimensional tolerance and larger surface area is produced.

Cold rolled rectification is mixed with the name of the final product when the product name means spiral or sheet metal. When referring to wire products, the term cooling is often used, which includes cold drawing (cold deformation), rotary rolling, sanding and polishing. The result of this process is higher yield strength with four advantages: Cold drawing: Increases the yield strength and tensile strength and often causes additional costs in heating. Rotary rolling: involves removing surface contaminants. Sanding: At this stage, the main size of the tolerance range shrinks or shrinks. Polishing: Improves the coating coating. All cold rolled products provide high quality surfacing or finishes and have higher quality in terms of tolerance, uniformity and surface smoothness than hot rolling. Cold rolled rebar has higher hardness than hot rolled rebar due to the increase in equivalent carbon, but this does not apply to hot and cold rolled plates and is warmer than hot rolled plates. For more information about hot rolled steel sections visit our site.

Main Suppliers of High grade Hot rolled steel

Main Suppliers of High grade Hot rolled steel Main Suppliers of High grade Hot rolled steel Our collection also introduces this product to foreign customers with professional marketing and exports this product at an affordable price. So for more information about hot rolled steel grades, visit our site.

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