Hematite iron ore Focal suppliers

Iron ore is the most important raw material for the production of iron and steel. In general, 10% of this mineral is consumed in the direct reduction method and more than 90% of it is consumed in the blast furnace. The type of iron ore varies according to its production area, and therefore in the case of iron ore, which is very well responsive in the blast Hematite iron ore, it cannot be used in the direct recovery method.

Hematite iron ore Focal suppliers

Where is Hematite iron ore found?

Where is Hematite iron ore found?

The formation of iron ores and the properties of its minerals in physical and chemical order (extraction and aggregation) will depend on their formation and changes in geological periods. For this reason, it is important to know how iron is formed in nature. Mineralogy is of great importance in the application of iron ore. Many minerals may also be high in iron, which is not used as a raw material for iron and steel due to its mineral composition. Among iron-bearing minerals, a limited number are important and usable in terms of iron metallurgy. The most important of these are oxide and siderite minerals. Among oxide minerals, some of them are not used directly due to their low hematite uses and must be subjected to clumping and pelleting operations to change the mineralogical shape during this operation and then be used.

Providing Hematite iron ore on the market

Providing Hematite iron ore on the market

Iron ore is in the category of metal elements and the earth’s crust contains 5% of the oxide of this element and is one of the most abundant metal elements present in the earth. Iron, known as the chemical symbol Fe, is the fourth most abundant element after oxygen, silica, and aluminum. Iron ore is a type of rock that has iron veins. By extracting raw iron ore from the earth and separating impurities, dark silver-brown iron powder is obtained. The oxidation of this element is easy and it is not so strong on its own, and in order to increase its strength for use in parts such as construction, it is made of alloy. To make its alloy, countless elements are used. However, the most common is nickel and chromium. In terms of mineral type, iron ore includes Fe3O4 minisite, Fe2O3 hematite, FeOOH quite, Fe2O3.nH2O limonite, FeCO33 cedarite, FeSiO4 curiosity, martite, and marmite. Iron ore extracted from mines is processed. The reason why iron ore is processed is that the extracted iron ore is not pure and contains harmful compounds. In hematite benefits, it has a low grade and cannot be used.

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