First rate Steel billets for sale in bulk

First rate Steel billets for sale in bulk by our company are ready to supply and distribute in domestic and foreign markets, so that the reasonable price of this product has caused many buyers to buy this product.

First rate Steel billets for sale in bulk

How much does billet steel cost?

How much does billet steel cost? This semi-finished and important product is at the market level; It was a very difficult and tiring job, and it was hardly possible for everyone, especially the lower layers of the steel chain. Fortunately, with the help of some activists in this field and new information and communication tools on the Internet, there are various systems that make it possible to easily discover the approximate price of bullion on this subject.

Ingots or more scientifically known logs are produced all over the world by the ccm method. If the ingot is consumed directly from ccm production, it is called ccm or billet. Fabric ingots If the ingot is produced in higher sizes and after passing the desired size from the rolling process to be used in profile rolling, the term fabric is called ingot. Of course, this type of nugget was referred to as Bloom in the past, and over time and as merchant literature changed, it changed its name to fabric ingots. Bloom A flower nugget is an ingot that is cut from the edge of a slab or becomes an ingot of the whole slab.

Since the ingots used in the plate are larger than 2 in size, they are mistakenly referred to as sizes above 4 blooms. If the production method of all ingots is the same and there is no difference between their operations and names. To produce low size and high size rebar…. More important than the ingot size is the amount of carbon in the ingot and its analysis. For size 14 to 40 rebar, 30 to 35 carbon ingot is used. For lower dimensions, low carbon ingots are used because of the need for greater softness and traction. There is no difference between 150, 125, or 130 ingots to produce rebar, and some mills use and charge 150 ingots according to the rolling line, and some factories with 125 ingots are more modern than either.

That is, the bloom is also used to produce rebar and depends on the design of the rolling line. In larger and more modern productions using both ingots, the new hi-tech series can use 120 or 130 ingots for small bullets and 150 ingots for large bullets. Some lines are designed to produce small rebars with sizes 8 and 10 or even 150 ingots, such as coils. In our country, the rolling lines that use only 120 or at most 130 ingots to produce rebar and do not have the ability to produce rebar from 150 ingots are old. For more information on steel billets price visit our site.

Purchase First rate Steel billets in bulk

Purchase First rate Steel billets in bulk Purchase First rate Steel billets in bulk from our company is possible and this product has a cheaper price and has been able to attract many customers in other countries. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about steel billets manufacturers.

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