First rate sponge iron Distribution centers

First rate sponge iron Distribution centers have been established in different cities and today many people across the country want sponge iron, so many sellers are trying to provide this product to people and provide them with satisfaction and satisfaction. The whole effort of sellers is to increase the number of their customers day by day and to improve their sales market. As you know, when a product attracts the most fans when it has quality

First rate sponge iron Distribution centers

Why it is called sponge iron?

Why it is called sponge iron? Sponge iron and scrap iron are the two raw materials for iron ore and the production of iron and steel products. But sponge iron has more advantages than scrap iron, and therefore most steel mills use it as a raw material. It is much more economical than other raw materials due to its low energy and water consumption during melting. Another advantage of this raw material is that it has a small amount of nitrogen in its content when it melts, and therefore the products that are produced from it will have better quality.

In addition to the above, sponge iron is easy to store and easy to move and carry; In addition, its use in smelting furnaces eliminates the risk of explosion due to the presence of impurities. Another benefit of this type of iron is its low oxygen consumption during melting. The presence of oxygen in it reduces its resistance, also one of the most important advantages of using this type of porous pellet is not to damage the furnace wall.

Distributing First rate sponge iron in bulk

Distributing First rate sponge iron in bulk Distributing First rate sponge iron in bulk is possible through reputable sites, and buying sponge iron formula without intermediaries from this center will definitely have a better price, because intermediaries and brokers have been eliminated and these products will be priced at their original price. Customers are offered. You can buy products in bulk from this agency at an exceptional price.

Due to the direct purchase of this agency from the manufacturer, the price of the goods in this store is offered at the factory door price, so it has a more reasonable price than the other store. By visiting this agency, you can buy sponge irons in packages of different sizes and in general, in order to benefit from the special discounts that are intended for its sale.

Also, due to the high demand of other countries to buy these oils from our country, its per capita export is very high and a large volume of this product is exported to other countries annually. The trading companies that are engaged in the trade of sponge iron to other countries are very satisfied with its high sales and state that the trade of this product has caused a boom in their business and sponge iron price is very optimal.

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