First rate galvanized sheet Distribution centers

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First rate galvanized sheet Distribution centers

What are Galvanised sheets?

What are Galvanised sheets? Common plates in the Iranian market have a coating in the range of 80 to 150 microns (micrometers). The method of calculating the zinc amount is determined according to the ISO1460 standard, which specifies the zinc amount per unit area of ​​galvanized sheet. Accordingly, the amount of zinc per unit area of ​​the plate can be directly related to the zinc thickness and a fixed coefficient. Cover cap number 80 means that there is 80 grams of zinc per square meter of galvanized sheet. In imported galvanized sheets, this number is in the range of 160-200 and indicates better quality.

These figures can directly affect the galvanized sheet price. However, besides the thickness of the zinc coating, the composition of the coating also affects the quality of the galvanized sheet. From this point of view, there can be two types of galvanized sheet with different qualities:

1 If the coating material is pure, it is called a Z-plate.

2 If there is Fe in addition to the iron element in the coating, it is called ZF sheet metal.

As a result, it would not be bad to say that the process used in galvanizing the sheet also has a great effect on the quality. Generally, for galvanizing, Hot deep galvanizing, Cold galvanizing or electroplating, metallizing, Zinc spraying etc. There are different methods including. The most common type of process used in galvanized sheet production is the same as the first method or hot dip galvanization. Products galvanized in this way are called Hot Deep Galvanized or HDG for short. The galvanized sheet production process changes depending on which process is chosen.

Iron managers will introduce you to the steps of galvanizing by hot dip or galvanizing:

1 – First stage:

  • A) Preparation: If the sheet is in the form of a coil, it can be continuously galvanized or prepared as a cut sheet.
  • B) Degreasing: Degreasing of the layer is done with a soda solution.

2 – Second stage

  • A) Washing: The degreasing solution remaining in the layer is washed at this stage.
  • B) Rust removal: Immersion in hydrochloric acid rusting solution for corroded boards.

3 – Third stage

  • A) Rinsing: If the rust on the plate is removed, it will be washed again.
  • B) Flux: At this stage, the surface of the sheet is ready to work due to flux, which is the combination of zinc chloride and other elements. This process is due to mixing zinc metal and steel.
  • C) Co-heating: A preheating process is used to heat together to prevent metal splashing on the melt during immersion in the molten vessel. Usually the temperature rises to 80 degrees Celsius.

4 – The fourth stage Galvanizing: Immersion in zinc bath

5 – Fifth step

  • A) Cooling
  • B) Cleaning
  • C) Final inspection

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Distribution centers of First rate galvanized sheet

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