First rate Cooled rolled steel Wholesale Supplier

The cold rolling process has the properties of increasing the yield stress, increasing the hardness of the material, increasing the misalignment of the crystal structure during the process. Therefore, you can visit our site to get more information about First rate Cooled rolled steel Wholesale Supplier.

First rate Cooled rolled steel Wholesale Supplier

Is cold rolled steel stronger than hot rolled steel?

Is cold rolled steel stronger than hot rolled steel? Application of cold rolled products:

The cold rolling process is generally used in the following products,

equipment and devices:

automobile manufacturing Construction equipment Household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers Electrical devices for tanks Acid washing line units

Acid washing lines have the following features and applications:

Removal of oxides formed in plates and bands after passing through hydrochloric acid pools Use scrolling to reach the final width of the page Oiling the sheet surface using an electrostatic machine, Correcting the shape of the sheets using a stretcher Review coils to check all basic coil information Operation stages of acid washing lines The bobbins in the acid washing lines enter the hydrochloric acid pool and are washed with opening reels after opening.

After the acid pools are washed and separated, these coils are washed with water and passed through a hot air tunnel, and dried, after this process, they are lubricated and re-formed and kept in the warehouse. Mill tandem unit This unit, positioned after the acid washing unit, aims to reduce the sheet thickness at ambient temperature. In this unit, before uncoiling in the uncoiler and passing through the four-roller stage, the thickness of the sheets is reduced due to the high pressure stress and finally, they are coiled with the spiral coiling machine.

Boards with a thickness of 0/3 to 3 mm. Two shelf rolling unit After the tandem shaft unit, there are two rack rolling units. Unlike the previous unit, this unit decreases in thickness after unwinding in the uncoiler, and finally a screwed coil is circulating.

Electrolytic washing unit In this washing unit, the sheet surface is washed. In this unit, all impurities and surface greases of the layer are removed during the two stages of the process of immersion in alkaline solution and electrolytic washing.

Hydrogen annealing unit In the hydrogen annealing unit, all coils are sent to the temper mill unit after heat treatment and cooling.

Tempermil unit This unit is positioned after the hydrogen annealing unit. All sheets are passed through annealing furnaces in order to harden the surface of the sheet and obtain suitable mechanical properties, the purpose of which is to reduce the waves of the sheets and make them suitable. In order to tin the surface of these layers, it is sent to the tin unit after this stage.

Tin plated unit This unit is designed according to the acid electrolyte method.

In this method, after passing through electrolytic washing pools, rinsing with water and passing through electrolytic acid washing pools, it enters the pools containing electrolyte solution during two-stage washing with water and tin is coated in five stages. For more information on types of cold rolled steel visit our site.

Wholesale Supplier of First rate Cooled rolled steel

Wholesale Supplier of First rate Cooled rolled steel Our product range is Wholesale Supplier of First rate Cooled rolled steel and it also exports this product to Asian and European countries. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about cold rolled steel bar.

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